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Linden Blossom, Tilia cardata, Absolute

I have recently added a large variety of absolute essential oils to our growing inventory at Aroma Health. Today, Linden Blossom is the newest absolute I have made. Tilia attracted me because it is unique by helping to dissolve stones and hard cysts, cholesterol and arterial plaque.It also reduces headaches, migraines, high blood pressure and tinnitus. Linden is used often at the onset of a cold or flu, by promoting sweating to release the virus entering the body.The nature of Linden is also to calm  liver energy that is associated with restlessness, hyperactivity, nervousness and tension. The personality that benefits from Linden is basically wired and high strung. Chemically, Linden is high in Sesquiterpenes, which are anti inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, analgesic and non allergic. They regenerate the liver and glands and stimulate the heart function. Sesquiterpenes also tone muscles, decongest lymph and veins. These chemicals are prevalent in the Labiatae family of aromatic kitchen herbs and plants we use everyday.

The healing properties of Linden may seem unrealistic, until you understand that the inhaled molecules pass the blood brain barrier  and create an oxygen rich medium where cancer  and many other incurable diseases cannot co- exist. The AMA concurs that a long list of incurable diseases could be cured by introducing healing agents that can pass the blood- brain barrier.However, The AMA is only considering chemically produced pharmaceutical agents to date. What Nature produces is not easily patented.

Apply Linden topically or inhale it often for best results over a period of at least 3 weeks.I suggest applying it on the inner fold of the ear, but not inside the ear hole, or on the throat or neck where it can be enjoyed.


Source: Aromatherapy with Chinese Medicine, Dennis Wilmont, Wilmountain Press; 2003,

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Petite fleur essence Easter Lily

Easter lily helps anxious people . The fear behind the anxiety is failure, unspoken and unnamed. Failure is usually about a future event or how to succeed in events yet to come. Sometimes the personality can become controlling or obsessive about her environment. This all stems from fear of failure and the inability to process all the information coming into the cognitive brain. The person feels edgy, especially in certain situations such as crowded areas, amusement rides, and when fine and gross motor skills are needed.

Over time, this constant underlying tension undermines the immune response. Poor resistance to infections, virus and certain  foods can occur. Lily personalities can bruise and bleed easily also. Anxiety disorders can occur during teen and adult years.Lily essence can help the person to focus better and stay in the present moment. Grounding occurs in present time, not worrying about what is to come. Lily personalities need to practice visualization,seeing themselves work through and complete each challenge and opportunity in life.

Petite Fleur Lily essesnce catalyzes the ability to balance and heal this processing disorder until it becomes a part of the person's response to life. Apply 2-3 drops on the throat, wrist or chest 3x daily until worry is replaced with a vision and successful feeling about the future.Self control is the key to the future. Benefits from wearing Petite Fleur Essences usually are evident within 3 weeks.

For more information on Peite Fleur Esseces  read The Healing Flowers and Flowers the Heal by Judy Griffin,PhD. or email

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Petite Fleur therapeutic aromablends reduce Nocebo effect

For the past 15 years Harmony and Relaxation therapeutic blends have been used successfully in patient care to reduce the Nocebo effect.The blends are used before and after chemotherapy and cancer treatment at Baylor Hospital's Healing Environment program in Dallas and Irving Texas.Patient care began with bone marrow and stem cell patents and quickly spread throughout all departments, including speech therapy. Topical application allows the aromas to be used with other modalities.

The Nocebo effect occurs when expectations and negative suggestions cause symptoms or illness to occur. Nocebo effect is both biochemical and physiological, displaying with a variety of cues. Cortisol and histamine levels dramatically increase,targeting adrenal and hypothalamus involvement. Recently, Ted Kaptchuk,Harvard medical, proved Nocebo occurs without concsious awareness.

Studies continue to search for understanding, while solution is more evident in patient are.Harmony and Relaxation Therapeutic aroma blends lessen anxiety and unconscious responses. I have clinically used these essences in the United Kingdom and USA for over 25 years to balance a full spectrum of stress and related illnesses. Blood pressure, hydration, chronic illness and pain are some of the symptoms helped by Harmony and Relaxation. These aromas change brain chemistry within seconds affecting hormones, circulation moods and immune responses. Given a repose from the stress response, the brain can adjust to homeostasis.

For more information, contact Judy Griffin PhD. 1800 496 2125,


Source includes: The Scientist: Worried Sick, by Megan Scudellari, July 2013

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Lemon Rose Clarifier clears acne

Lemon Rose Clarifier reduces complex conditions leading to acne.Ninety percent of civilized people develop acne during their lifetime. Recent research suggests Propionibacterium acnes initiates inflammation of the skin. This  results in excessive oil production and large mounts of dead skin and/or cysts. Although many conditions exist with acne, the primary target is to reduce inflammation and oil reduction of the skin. Lemon Rose Clarifier reduces several strains of P. acnes and oil production simultaneously to prevent and heal acne.

Lemon Rose Clarifier is misted on the affected skin morning and evening after thorough cleansing. Always avoid the eyes. Lavender silk and satin body and shower cleanser can be successfully used for deep pore cleaning. And, for added protection and regeneration, Rose oil SkinTherapy may also be misted on the skin at bedtime.

It's simple, easy and effective. Clients enjoy results within days , continuing for weeks. Cancer patients using chemotherapy agents causing acne also enjoy good results using Lemon Rose Clarifier.I have used these products therapeutically for over 30 years successfully. No adverse side effects have been reported. However, it is best to test a patch of skin with product to assure there is no sensitivity. The plants are grown organically and processed from my gardens without chemicals.

To learn more safe and effective remedies and recipes, go to for the following books by Judy Griffin, PhD.:

Mother Nature's Herbal; Flowers that heal; Herbs for Health and Beauty; Aromasignatures

Other sources include: No Easy Answers, by Elizabeth k. Wilson: Chemical and Engineering News:American Chemical Society, March 3, 2014.


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The Young at Heart

The Young at Heart


            Tangerine, Citrus madurensis, originated in China and the Far East, as the mandarin orange.  Citrus reticulata came to the West in the early 1800’s.  When mandarin orange trees came to America, it became known as the tangerine.  Today’s tangerine is larger and more aromatic.  True mandarin essential oil is very sweet and floral.  The essential oil of mandarin is non-toxic, and perfect for children.  It calms children, treating hyperactivity, fear and insomnia.  Essential oil is produced by cold pressing the outer skin.  An orange colored oil is produced.  Children enjoy mandarin or tangerine oil in a bath or foot rub.


Calming Foot Rub


            In 1 ounce of warm sesame oil, add the following essential oils:

                        10 drops of Mandarin’ 

                        10 drops of Tangerine

                          2 drops of Sandalwood

            Mix well with a non-metal instrument.  Apply warm to little feet.  Gently massage the oil into the bottom of the feet.  Cover the feet with clean socks.

            Bottle remaining blend in dark glass with a tight fitting cap.  Refrigerate until further use.  Finish the blend within 3 months.  Also refrigerate mandarin and tangerine essential oils.

            The elderly enjoy mandarin to enhance digestion and peristalsis.  Mandarin treats indigestion, hiccoughs, constipation and colic.  Combine it with stimulating fixatives, such as coriander, cinnamon, or ginger root.  Apply warm to the abdomen.


Stimulating Digestant


            In 1 ounce of warm carrier oil, add the following essential oils:

                        10 drops of Mandarin  

                        10 drops of fennel

                          2 drops of cinnamon

                          2 drops of coriander

            Mix well with a non-metal instrument.  Apply warm to the abdomen and massage for several minutes in a clockwise motion.

            Children may prefer tangerine substituted for mandarin essential oil.  The therapeutic properties are similar, children preferring the less floral aroma of tangerine.  The question may be whether sweet orange essential oil can be substituted for tangerine or mandarin.  Sweet orange will be energizing, but not as specific as the other two oils.  It is more specific for unblocking sluggish energy, especially of the liver and spleen.  Orange is balancing; mandarin and tangerine are calming.

            Bottle any remaining blend in dark glass with a tight fitting screw cap.  Refrigerate and apply warm daily to normalize digestion.

            Mandarin combines well with neroli to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.



Stretch Mark Prevention Blend


            In 2 ounces of jojoba oil, add the following essential oils:

                        15 drops of Neroli

                        25 drops of Mandarin

                          2 drops of Tonka bean

            Allow to cure overnight.  Massage onto the tummy with clockwise, circular motions every day.  Refrigerate remaining blend in dark glass with a tight fitting screw cap.

            Mandarin is safe during pregnancy.  Here is a headache blend to use for tension   and seasonal headaches.


Mama’s Headache Blend


            In 1 ounce of carrier oil, add the following essential oils:

                        10 drops of Mandarin

                        12 drops of German Chamomile

                          2 drops of Cardamom

            Allow to cure 3 hours or overnight when possible.  Massage 2 drops on each temple, the forehead or back of the neck.  Relax with either a warm or cold compress across the center of the forehead or back of the neck.  Bottle remaining blend in dark glass with a tightly fitted screw cap.  Refrigerate.


            Tangerine is excellent oil for premenstrual tension.  Use it throughout the month, in mid cycle, or during those crabby or weepy days to chase the blues away.


How to Treat a Lady


            In 1 ounce of sesame oil, add the following essential oils:

                        15 drops of Tangerine

                          5 drops of Geranium

                          5 drops of Lemon Balm

                          1 drop of Clary Sage or Angelica root

            Clary is more calming; Angelica is more centering and is a fixative to hold the aromas.

            Tangerine offers a less floral or sweet blend to lift the mood form crisis to complacence.  Sesame oil is also soothing to the nervous system, the best carrier oil for this blend.

            Allow the blend to cure overnight, bottled in dark glass with a tight fitting screw cap, in the refrigerator or a cool, dark place.  Massage 5 drops onto the neck and throat 2 or 3 times, as needed, to maintain a happy presence.

            Tangerine also helps a sad or pouting child build positive feelings.  I like to combine Tangerine with a small drop of vanilla when it’s crying time again.  Diffuse the blend into a room and share to joy.  Adults will benefit from the aroma lift also.



No More Pouting Blend


            Combine 20 drops of Tangerine with 1 drop of Vanilla essential oil.  Drop into a cup of steaming, hot water, or diffuse into the room.  Relax and enjoy the benefits.

            Tangerine has antiseptic, cleansing and toxic properties.  The oil helps correct oily and acne prone skin.  It can also be added to a shampoo or rinse to alleviate acne occurring below the hair line on the back of the neck.  I choose tangerine because it does not have a floral or sweet scent like mandarin.  Tangerine is a good choice for teenagers who can benefit from the uplifting effect.  It also smells better than tea tree, eucalyptus and the strong aromas used in acne and oily skin treatments.

 The following blend is a new and unique one.  For best results, avoid fatty and fried foods.  Eat six or more cups of fruit and vegetables daily, especially the ones high in vitamin A.  Drink two quarts of water daily during the summer, which may include herbal teas and electrolyte beverages.  Include regular exercise and relaxation.  Use skin care that is paraben free, avoiding heavy makeup or products that can clog pores.


Ph Balanced Cleanser


            In 3 ounces of pure aloe, add 1 tablespoon of witch hazel and 1 teaspoon of vegetable glycerin.  Stir and add:

                          1 drop of Rosemary

                        30 drops of Tangerine

                          1 drop of Patchouli

            Bottle in dark glass with a tight fitting cap.  Use this combination 3 times daily to wash the face and neck.  Pat dry.  Store remaining blend in the refrigerator.  Note:  Make sure the glycerin is made from only vegetable sources.


Mask for Oily and Acne Prone Skin


            In 2 tablespoons of wet clay, add the following essential oils:

                        6 drops of Tangerine

                        2 drops of Cypress

            Mix well.  Apply immediately to the face and neck.  Relax for 10 minutes, then rinse skin thoroughly.  Pat dry.  Repeat once or twice weekly.  Note:  You can purchase green clay powder and add approximately 10 drops of pure water to each tablespoon.  Mix and add essential oils.  Do not use chemically fragranced wet clay.  It can cause irritation and eruptions.


Simple Tonic to Tighten Pores


            Beat 1 egg white with a fork to mix well.  Add 3 drops of Tangerine essential oil.  Spread over a clean face and neck.  Allow to dry.  Rinse with cool water after several minutes.  Repeat 2 or 3 times weekly.
















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The Other Lemon for a Hot Summer Day

The Other Lemon for a Hot Summer Day


            Lemon verbena, Lippia citriodora, is native to Chile and Argentina.  The lemon verbena family of plants includes 70 varieties and 800 species.  Besides Lippia citriodora, Verbena triphylla and Aloisia triphylla provide an uplifting essential oil with the most heavenly scent.  The aroma has no competition.  It reminds me of the fresh scent pervading the Costa Rican rain forest as day breaks.

            This delicate bush grows over six feet tall and three to four feet in width.  The branches are thin and bend to give the plant roundness.  Light green, lancet shaped leaves sprout from either side of the branches the leaves are rough, papery and, oh, so fragrant to the touch.  In tropical and subtropical locations, tiny, white blossoms appear at the tips of the branches.  Today, lemon verbena is cultivated in southern France, Morocco, Algeria, Italy and Tunisia for essential oil production.  Southern France is believed to produce the best oil.  Lemon verbena grows wild on the roadsides and rain forests of Costa Rica, Mexico and Central America.  Their location and the countries’ lack of accessible transportation makes it difficult to produce a commercial product.  The fresh leaves make a delicious tea, enjoyed by the local morenos.

            Steam distillation of the leaves yields this elegant essential oil.  One hundred pounds of leaves produces several ounces of essential oil.  Pure oil contains up to forty percent citral, which produces the lemon scent of essential oils.  However, pure lemon verbena essential oil is not available or very, very rare.  Commercially available oil has lemon grass oil added, which is much less expensive and much more available.

            Whenever possible, cultivate lemon verbena in a pot or your garden.  It’s delightful to rub the leaves and experience the unique, intense odor on a summer morning.  During winter months, the plant loses its leaves, only to reappear in the spring in southern gardens.  Add crushed, fresh leaves to cold and hot drinks for a new taste sensation.

            The aroma of essential oil dilutions on a hot summer day is refreshing and cooling, relieving the lassitude from the summer heat.  Lemon verbena is an excellent aroma to increase endurance and to aid in the function, especially concentration, as it increases overall physical energy.  Release a few drops into a room using an aroma lamp to enhance enthusiasm and joy.

            For nausea and dizziness, lemon verbena can be sprinkled on a clean handkerchief and held near the nose.  For chronic conditions, make the following simple dilution.


Nausea and Dizziness Blend


            In 1 ounce of carrier oil, dilute 10 drops of lemon verbena.  Allow to cure 3 hours before applying a few drops on each side of the neck.  Massage a drop on each temple, if tolerated.  Repeat daily until symptoms abate.  Refrigerate left over blend in a dark, glass bottle with a tight fitting screw cap.

            For irregular heartbeat or tachycardia, use the following blend and see a physician as soon as possible.  Menopausal women often experience these symptoms due to low hormone levels.  This blend will help reduce symptoms only.



Irregular Heartbeat


            In 1 ounce of carrier oil, combine the following essential oils:

                        10 drops of Lemon verbena

                          5 drops of Lemon balm

                          3 drops of Lavendula

            Allow to cure 3 hours when possible.  Apply 5 drops on the chest and massage using firm, circular strokes.  Repeat the application and massage on the upper back.  This routine may be repeated three times in twenty four hours.

            Bottle left over blend in dark glass with a tight fitting, screw cap.  Refrigerate leftovers.

            Historically lemon verbena has been used to help women during childbirth.  The oil or a  strong tea made from the leaves stimulates uterine contractions.  Medical research has verified this.

            Today, verbaline is extracted from the fresh plant to stimulate uterine contractions.  Room diffusion or other inhalent methods are beneficial during childbirth.  During pregnancy, it is best to avoid lemon verbena.  The essential oil has also been used after childbirth to stimulate milk production to allow the milk to “let down”.  It can be especially useful during the first weeks of nursing.  The “let down” response helps the baby nurse successfully and reduces painful “back up” of milk in the breasts.  A few drops of lemon verbena essential oil on a handkerchief can be used by the mother, or diffusing the oil in an aroma lamp also helps.  Never use the essential oil internally.

            To alleviate painful breasts, a cold compress can be used.


Compress for Nursing Mothers


            Prepare a cold compress by soaking a clean cotton or flannel cloth  in filtered water containing several small pieces of ice.  Saturate the cloth, then remove excess water.  Add 10 drops of lemon verbena essential oil onto several areas of the cloth.  Roll the cloth to assure the essential oil infuses all areas of the cloth.  Quickly apply the compress onto the breasts for 5 to 10 minutes.  Roll the cloth and place it in the freezer for several minutes and repeat the application.  Refrigerate the cloth for later use.  Add 5 drops of essential oil onto the cloth right before application.  Repeat the application twice daily to reduce breast pain and increase milk flow.  Clean the breasts thoroughly before nursing.

            Lemon verbena has a wonderful scent that increases joy and stamina.  It contributes a delicious aroma to a personal perfume.


Personal Perfume


            In 1 dram, 3.7 ml., of jojoba oil add the following essential oils:

                        10 drops of Lemon Verbena

                          2 drops of Jasmine

                        15 drops of Noroli

            Allow to cure 3 days.  Adjust the blend, adding 2 to 5 more drops of lemon verbena.  Cure overnight or longer, up to 7 days, before application.  Store away from heat and direct light.  Use within 6 months.


Lemon Zest


            Lemon verbena makes a refreshing, energizing face and body Spritz.  Keep it in the refrigerator during the hot summer months and spray your face and body after gardening or exercising.  It feels great as it gently cleans the skin.

            In 4 ounces of distilled, or purified water, add 10 drops of Lemon verbena.  Bottle in glass or double walled plastic with a fine, screw top mister.  Allow to cure 3 hours before misting.  It can be cured in the refrigerator, cold and ready to spray.  Store remaining refreshing spray in the refrigerator, or a cool dark place.  Add 10% if not used completely within 3 days.

            Weak connective tissue is strengthened by lemon verbena.  Many aromatherapists use it in a sports massage oil.


Blend to Strengthen Connective Tissue, Collagen


            In 4 ounces of carrier oil, add the following essential oils:

                        15 drops of Sweet Orange

                        20 drops of Lemon Verbena

                          3 drops of Benzoin Styrax or Tonka bean

                        10 drops of Bergamot

            Bottle in dark glass with a tight fitting screw top.  Cure overnight in a cool, dark place.  Massage affected areas of tight muscles, loose skin, weak ligaments or connective tissue.  This is excellent massage oil for those with collagen disease.  Refrigerate remaining blend.  Use with 6 months and enjoy!



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The Medicinal Rose - Blog 21

The Medicinal Rose - Blog 21


Roses have been successfully used in healing for many centuries. Rose oil has a harmonizing effect on the psyche and immune system. It balances the emotions and regulates immune response. If the emotional nature is oversensitive or non responsive, rose oil brings into balance. The immune response can also be overactive, or autoimmune, and /or under reactive, leading to poor resistance and viral or bacterial invasion. Rose oil acts as a relaxing tonic, reducing infection and viral complaints.

            Rose is known to reduce or heal an outbreak of shingles in days. A pure rose oil or absolute is applied topically to shingles twice daily undiluted. The aroma will also reduce tension caused by pain.

            I use rose oil in over 22 blends in private practice and as complimentary therapy in hospitals. The blends reduce nausea, anxiety, depression, and pain, as well as keeping maternity patients balanced and happy as they await a joyous arrival. Rose oil blends well with any essential oils without overpowering a blend. I used rose oil to anoint my mother as she passed to the other side. As a room spray, rose oil kept all of us calm and patient Rose oil blends helped alleviate grief and depression as I continued without her.

            Women appreciate rose oil as a hormone regulator. It alleviates occasional depression, mood swings, angry outburst, and the bloated feeling associated with the menstrual cycle. Rose naturally strengthens the uterus to prepare women for pregnancy.


To Alleviate Cramping

In 2 ounces of carrier oil, add:

10 drops Rose Oil

1 drop Clary Sage

4 drops Roman Chamomile

1 drop Angelica root

Bottle in dark glass and a screw cap for several days before messaging the pelvic and abdominal area to alleviate cramping. Repeat every 30 minutes until symptoms abate.


To Alleviate Heavy Menses

In 2 ounces of carrier oil add:

5 drops Rose, increase up to 10 drops for a dominant rose scent.

5 drops Cypress

3 drops Sandalwood

1 drop Yarrow oil

Bottle in dark glass with a screw cap. Allow curing at least 3 hours before messaging the abdomen and pelvis. Repeat every 15 to 30 minutes until flow decreases. Do not drink chamomile or ginger teas.








For Delayed or Missed Menses

In 2 ounces of carrier oil add:

6 drops of Rose

1 drop of Basil

1 drop of Fennel seed

3 drops Coriander seed

Bottle in dark glass with a screw cap. Allow curing at least 24 hours before messaging the pelvis and abdominal area 2 times daily. Do not use if pregnancy is a possibility.


For Irregular Menses

In 2 ounces of carrier oil add:

10 drops Rose

3 drops Geranium

1 drop Fennel

1 drop Rosewood

Bottle in dark glass with a screw cap. Allow curing at least 3 days before messaging the pelvis everyday. It can take 3 months to achieve balance.


Mood Swings and PMS depression

In 1 ounce of carrier oil add:

5 drops Rose

3 drops Bergamot

5 drops Ylang ylang extra or absolute (the absolute aroma is stronger)

1 drop Pink Grapefruit (Citrus deucumana)

2 drops Peru Balsamar or Tonka bean

Bottle in dark glass with a screw cap. Allow curing at least 1 hour, up to 3 days. Massage on neck, throat, and sternum (upper chest). It is best to have this blend ready and available when needed. It can be worn everyday or as needed. This blend also helps post partum depression. Always get the physician’s approval as applicable.


Occasional Depression in Men

In 1 ounce of carrier oil add:

6 drops Rose

1 drop Patchouli

1 drop Pink Grapefruit or Bergamot (both appear to stimulate serotonin) Bottle in dark glass and cap. Cure 3 hours or more and massage on face, neck, and chest.


Mood Swings for Men


Oh, yes, men have mood swings. It’s alright to offer this simple solution. The following aromas are very balancing.


In 1 ounce of carrier oil add:

5 drops Rose

3 drops Ylang ylang extra or absolute

3 drops Tonka bean(Dipterix odorata)

Note: 1 drop of Angelica root may be added to increase stamina, grounding “earth” energy; reducing weakness and indecision. The aroma is very strong. Only use 1 drop to prevent overwhelming the other lighter aromas in this blend. Readjust the blend by adding more rose if necessary. Bottle in dark glass with a screw cap. Cure 3 hours or longer before messaging neck, face, and chest.


Tension Headaches

Use this blend to reduce tension in the face, neck, and shoulders, or when a tension related headache occurs.

In 1 ounce of carrier oil add:

6 drops Ylang ylang extra or absolute0extra is very sweet and lighter than the absolute).

4 drops Rose

1 drop Lemon grass, or Litsea culeba for a hint of lemon aroma.

2 drops Lavender

2 drops Candalwood(to harmonize the blend, and as a fixative).

Bottle in dark glass with a screw cap. Allow cure 3 hours to 3 days. Message onto neck, shoulders, temples, and forehead.

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The Language of Love- Blog 22

The Language of Love- Blog 22


Lovers have used the aroma of lavender for centuries to express the innocence and pure intentions of love. Women are especially drawn to the clean scent of lavender. They enjoy it in cologne, cosmetics, household cleaners and laundry. Lavender is a to scent linen and spray, or diffuse in a room. Lavender is the most used essential oil, most beneficial and least toxic.

            Lavandula officinalis is native to Iraq and southern France, growing in mountainous terrain. This is the wild species, growing on steep slopes in rocky soil. The wild mountain variety has many hybrid species. The most popular is Lavandula angustifolia, a lager plant producing more blooms and essential oil. The original, wild lavender is not commercially grown because each plant must be cut individually by hand and carried to the valley to be distilled. Horticulturist crossed L. officinalis and L. angustifolia with a native Spanish L. latifolia to produce lavendin, the variety that is grown commercially today.

            Lavendin can be grown in lower altitudes in large fields. Harvesting can be done by machine. The long spikes of blue flowers produce an abundant supply of essential oil that keeps the price reasonable. Lavendin is sterile, producing no seed for reproduction. A clone, Lavendin grosso, is the preferred lavender for commercial growing. Grosso grows as tall as a 6-foot man or women, with floral, blue spikes reaching for the sky. These varieties do not produce the most healing essential oil. Most is diluted and sold as inexpensive bath oil, and cleaning products.

            Aromatherapists and natural perfumers use Lavandula officinalis and angustifolia only. These are less likely to be diluted and have an exquisite aroma. These varieties have over 160 healing properties that successfully treat a long list of complaints. The cost is affordable, especially considering the list of benefits L. officinalis has an aroma that restores the nerves and stimulates the body’s defenses. In medieval times, L. officinalis was believed to produce and maintain purity and character. To offer someone lavender was to offer love in its purest form.

            The word Lavandula is derived from the Latin root, “lavare”, which means to wash. Lavender is both deodorizing and detoxifying. I use the hydrolate as a natural deodorant. The natural cleansing properties treat external ulcers, boils, abscesses, and wounds. Lavender is one of the few essential oils, which can be worn undiluted. It has antiseptic qualities to disinfect the wound, and pain relieving properties as a nervine. Lavender stimulates white blood cell production that rush to the site, remove toxins, and bacteria.

            Lavender is also the best treatment for burns and subsequent scarring. Saturating a burn in lavender oil will relieve pain and greatly increase healing. It can also be diluted in aloe gel as a carrier.


Burn Formula

In 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel add:

6 drops L. officinalis

Stir several times before applying directly to a burn. Repeat several times daily until the wound heals. Store any leftover in a dark glass bottle and screw cap. Refrigerate.

            It is a well-known story that I restored 50% of my youngest son’s hearing in 3 weeks using lavender oil. He has since heard everything he wants! Use the following formula for earaches. Do not allow the dilution to get inside the ear canal. The application relaxes people.


Ear Oil

In 1-teaspoon olive oil or St. John’s Wort oil add:

2 drops L. officinalis

Apply to the front of the outside ear and down to the side of the neck. One drop of the dilution may also be put on a cotton ball and loosely applied to the inside of the ear.


            The most important therapeutic effect of lavender is on the heart. Lavender strengthens the heart by lowering blood pressure when necessary and calming arrhythmias, racing heartbeats, and nervous lovers. Let’s start and end this session with the language lovers comprehend: calming and uplifting blends for massage and stress reduction. As the heart is supported and strengthened, love will rush in.


Heart and Soul

In 2 ounces of carrier oil, add:

30 drops of L. officinalis

10 drops of Bergamot

5 drops Lemon Balm

4 drops Peru Balsam

5 drops Sandalwood

Bottle in a dark glass with a screw cap. Allow to cure at least 3 hours before messaging the upper back, arms and chest. Refrigerate leftover blend to keep the citrus oils from loosing potency. The following spicy scents are warming and stimulating, releasing psychological tension.


Getting in the Mood

In 2 ounces of carrier oil, add:

10 drops of L. officinalis

6 drops Jasmine (sambuc is very sensual)

5 drops Mandarin Citrus reticulate

2 drops Immortelle, Helichrysum angustifolium

1 drop Juniper, Juniperus communis

2 drops Coriander

1 drop Clary Sage

Bottle in a dark glass with a screw cap. Allow to cure overnight for best effects, or at least 3 hours. Massage chest, upper arms and shoulders, thighs, and lower back, carefully avoiding broken skin. This blend keeps a women’s heart open and interested.






All Heart

In 1 ounce of carrier oil, add:

15 drops of L. officinalis

10 drops Neroli

5 drops Rose

10 drops Ylang ylang absolute

5 drops Benzoin, styrax

Bottle in a dark glass with a screw top for 3 days before applying drops on the base of the throat and chest. Men will attract the women of their dreams with this scent. This blend uses lavender absolute to reduce the very floral scents, though still heavenly.


Man’s Best Scent

In 1 ounce of carrier oil, add:

10 drops Lavender absolute

6 drops Sandalwood

1 drop Jasmine

1 drop Patchouli

3 drops Orange

Bottle in a dark glass with a screw cap. Allow to cure for 3 hours, or up to 3 days. Apply to the neck before leaving for the night or going on a date.


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The Great Harmonizer- Blog 23

The Great Harmonizer- Blog 23

Lavender is one of the best essential oils for harmonizing a blend, a perfume, or a treatment. The scent can neutralize an odorous blend that is overpowering. Small amounts of lavender can also be added to a perfume blend that is very sweet or floral. A few drops of lavender will produce a calming, yet refreshing addition to the blend.

            Once the combination is applied the aroma will blend with the individual’s body chemistry, releasing a unique odor. A blend will smell different on every person. If you are preparing a blend for another person, the blend can be tested with perfume blotters. These are small strips inserted into the blend, after each additional oil. Smell the strip immediately and every 15 minutes afterwards for up to one hour. This will allow the potency to be adjusted and the true scent to ripen. Once the aromas are completed, allow the scent to cure up to 3 days before applying. It will be fun to smell the blend every day to observe how it changes. Keep a notebook of every blend, the amount of drops of each essential oil, and how the smell effects you. When the receipt wears the aroma, note how he or she is affected by the smell and what feelings or memories it evokes.

            If you are making a blend to wear, apply a drop on your skin and observe the scent and affects after each essential oil. You can use perfume blotters if you prefer. Perfume blotters may work best with an alcohol base, like a perfume. When preparing an alcohol base perfume or cologne, allow the completed blend to cure for up to a month, noting observations on a daily, or weekly basis. A perfume can transform totally overnight. It is exciting to create an alchemical process. Notes and observations will aid maturation of your skills as an aromatherapist.

            Lavender is well known for healing hearts. However, it has an even greater influence on immunity. Lavender is very beneficial for reducing asthma and bronchial conditions. Asthmatics breathe easier with a drop of lavender added to a cool mist or a steam inhaler. They build resistance to colds and flu with a lavender massage or foot rub. Lavender reduces muscle and bronchial spasms that plague asthmatics, decreasing wheezing and coughing as deep breathing increases.  Enjoy the relaxing effects of this massage without smelling like a locker room.


Muscle Relaxing Lavender Massage and Foot Rub

In 2 ounces of carrier oil add:

2 drops L. officinalis

4 drops of Clary Sage

1 drop Rosewood

Optional 1 drop Marjoram, Origamnum Marjorana

Do not use Margoram if pregnant or menstruating heavily. Bottle in a dark glass with a screw cap for at least 3 hours.  Massage muscles, feet and painful or tight areas.

            Lavender aids immune stimulating herbs to prevent colds, flu, and fevers. Add a few drops in a room mister or aroma lamp.







Immune Enhancer

In a 1 dram (3.7 ml.) dark glass bottle add:

10 drops L. officinalis

4 drops Lemongrass

2 drops Thyme, Thymus vulgaris

1 drop Angelica, Angelica offiicinalis

1 drop Ginger

Fill remainder of the bottle with distilled water. Cap with a tightly fitting top. Allow to cure 3 hours or longer. Turn the bottle over 3 times. Add 3drops to a aroma lamp or room mister.

            Lavender, alone, or combined with other essential oils relieves headaches and migraines. Lavendula is both pain relieving and antispasmodic. It is a natural antidote for stress, and all components of headaches. Apply frequently to obtain the best results. Massage the neck, temples, and forehead.


Headache Relief Formula

In 2 ounces of carrier oil add:

20 drops L. officinalis

5 drops of Clary Sage

5 drops Lemon balm, Melissa officinalis

10 drops Benzoin

2 drops Rockrose, Cistus labdaniferus, or its oleoresin, labdanum

Bottle in dark glass with a screw cap. Allow to cure at least 3 hours before massaging the neck, upper shoulders, forehead, and temples.

            Lavender heals many skin problems. It is antiseptic, astringent, and deep cleansing. The balancing effect treats dry skin and acne. Like rose, lavender benefits every skin type. The oil stimulates lymphatic drainage to reduce toxic impurities metabolized by the skin. This increases new cell growth for hair, scalp, and skin. Add lavender in a hair rinse and it reduces hair loss. Use lavender to treat eczema and psoriasis combined with pure lemon balm essential oil. It is safe to use on diabetic skin ulcers and boils. Wear lavender undiluted for stings and insect bites.

The following combination treats soft tissue skin problems, including eczema and psoriasis. Always skin test a small area prior to treating the entire surface.


Skin Rashes

In 1 ounce of aloe or jojoba carrier oil add:

10 drops L. officinalis

5 drops Immortelle

 2 drops labdanum oleorosin or rock rose essential oil

Bottle in dark glass with a screw cap. Allow to cure up to 3 hours, before massaging skin.


Lavender has been used for cystitis and urinary symptoms for at least 200 years. It works well with juniper essential oil in a sitz bath to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. An easy preparation is to make the following bath salt recipe.



Lavender Bath Salts

In a 16-ounce glass jar, add:

6 ounces Epsom salts

2 ounces sea salt

Mix thoroughly and add:

40 drops of L. officinalis

10 drops Juniper, Juniperus communis

2 drops Cedarwood, Cedrus atlantica

4 drops Sandalwood

Cap tightly. Sore in a cool cabinet or closet. Allow to cure 7 to 10 days before adding 4 ounces to a warm, drawn bath. Note: Not recommended for children. Consult a physician immediately if fever occurs with any urinary symptoms.

            I have used the lavendula officinalis, I grow, for over 10 years in hospitals in combination with Petite Fleur essences and other essential oils for nausea, and side effects of chemotherapy. It is important to begin wearing the blend before chemotherapy starts, so the individual will not correlate lavender with the side effects of chemotherapy.

            Nausea during pregnancy is treated individually. Although lavender reduces nausea and motion sickness, it does not always help pregnant women. Each expectant mother must find the aroma to help her. Usually it is some bizarre aroma, such as eucalyptus. However, lemon is a good guess. Some moms to be prefer no aromas. Moms rule. When baby arrives, essential oils are not recommended for children under 18 months. Lavender is not recommended for male children.

            To reduce insomnia and encourage a good night sleep, have a lavender foot and body massage. Sleep with the angels!



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Swiss Pine – Reviving Immunity

Swiss Pine – Reviving Immunity


            Swiss Pine, Pinus cembra, is another rugged, mountainous tree, known for its strength and endurance.  The tree grows in the Swiss Alps and Carpathian Mountains at an altitude of 6,000 to8,000 feet.  They withstand extreme temperatures, lightning strikes and record snows. The trunk is rich with fragrant resin, producing an essential oil with powerful antibiotic and deodorant properties.  The highly camphrorous aroma has a turpentine-like scent that blends well with other odorous essential oils.  Essential oil is derived by steam and carbon dioxide distillation.  Over 200 pounds of branches and needles yield less than 2 pounds of essential oil, used in very low dilutions.  Only trees uprooted or felled naturally by a storm or landslide are harvested for distillation. Swiss pine is usually cut with mountain or Scotch pine.  Some products contain turpentine, camphor or petroleum.  In the U. S., consider purchasing native Scots pine.  It is less likely to be diluted with undesirable additives.  Find a source that is pure.

            The main action of Pine is on the bronchials and respiratory system.  Pine strengthens the lungs as an antiseptic decongestant.  It treats bronchial infections, asthma, flu, colds and reduces mucus in the chest, throat and sinuses.  Use the following blend for any of these conditions.  I have also used it to help reduce symptoms of lung cancer clients.


Clear Lungs Blend


            In 2 ounces of warm carrier oil, add the following essential oils:

                        4 drops of Pine

                        7 drops of Lemon Eucalyptus

                        3 drops of Tea tree

            Combine the oils and warm carrier oil. Massage on the upper back and chest, rubbing in clock-wise motions.  Repeat one time, several hours later.  Store leftovers in a dark, glass bottle with a tight screw cap.  Apply daily until lungs clear.


Smokers Cough and Detoxification


            In an aroma lamp or sauna, add the following essential oils:

                        3 drops of Pine

                        5 drops of Myrtle, Myrtus communis

                        7 drops of Eucalyptus

            Allow the aroma to infuse a closed room.  The aroma may linger for hours.  The treatment may be repeated daily for 7 days, or once or twice a week for several weeks.  Keep a handkerchief or tissues handy.  Coughing colored liquid and mucus is not unusual.  Drink 2 liters of pure water daily to assist detoxification and drainage.


Pneumonia or Tuberculosis Inhalent


            In a closed room, use an aroma lamp to diffuse the following essential oils.

                        4 drops of Pine

                        2 drops of Eucalyptus

                          6 drops of Hyssop, Hyssopus officinalis

                        10 drops of Rosemary

            Note:   Do not use hyssop if pregnant or if there is a tendency for epilepsy.  Substitute Myrtle or lavender.

            The treatment may be repeated daily until a clean bill of health is given.  Be sure to follow medical treatment and advice.


Hayfever Blend


            In 1 ounce of carrier oil, add the following essential oils or prepare as an inhalant to be used to abate symptoms:

                        3 drops of Pine

                        4 drops of Cypress

                        1 drop of Clary Sage

                        6 drops of Leavendula

            Combine ingredients.  Apply 1 drop on the forehead, each cheek, at the nape of the throat and both sides of the neck. Store any leftovers in a dark, glass bottle with a tight screw cap.  Store in a cool place.

            As an inhalant, combine the essential oils without the carrier oil.  Add to an aroma lamp to diffuse in a room.  Another option is to bottle the essential oils in a dark glass with a tight fitting screw cap.  When needed, open the bottle and smell the aroma a few seconds.  Repeat 3 to 4 times daily, as necessary to stop symptoms.  This isn’t my best smelling aroma, so I’m sure no one will overdose.  Keep the bottle for inhalation on or

Nearby, away from direct sunlight and heat.

Pine’s antiseptic properties fights urinary, bladder and prostate inflammation and infection.  When possible, add 5 to 7 drops in a warm bath and climb in.  Soak up to 20 minutes.  If bathing is not possible, the following blend may be massaged onto the abdomen and pelvic area


Blend for Prostatitis, Urethritis, Kidney

And Bladder  infections.


In 1 ounce of carrier oil, add the following essential oils:

2 drops Juniper berries

                        4 drops of Pine

                        2 drops of Tea tree

                        2 drops of Eucalyptus

                        1 drop of Thyme

            Bottle in dark glass with a tight fitting screw cap.  Cure 3 hours or overnight.  Massage 4 or 5 drops on the lower abdomen and low back 2 or 3 times daily.  This blend can be used during pharmaceutical therapy for infection.  It stands on its own to reduce inflammation.  Store remaining blend away from heat and light to preserve freshness.

            Pine increases circulation to a wound or injury.  It is often added to sports blends or combinations for arthritic pain.


Sports blend for sprains, injuries and Arthritic Pain


            In 2 ounces of aloe vera gel or carrier oil, add the following essential oils:

                        6 drops of Pine

                        3 drops of Ginger root

                        8 drops of Peppermint

                        6 drops of Rosemary

            Bottle in dark glass with a tight fitting screw cap.  Cure overnight when possible.  Massage several drops on the injury.  Apply ice the first 24 hours, follow with moist heat after the swelling subsides.  Repeat the massage 3 times daily until healing is complete.

            Pine has great insect repelling properties.  It can be blended a a repellent or to combat scabies and skin parasites.  The following blend will also kill lice.  Topical use only.


Insecticide and Blend for Scabies, Lice and

Parasites on the Skin


            In 2 ounces of carrier oil, add the following essential oils:

                        6 drops of Pine

                        5 drops of Lemon Eucalyptus

                        1 drop of Clove

                        3 drops of Cinnamon leaf

\                       2 drops of Peppermint

                        1 drop of Tea tree

            Bottle in dark glass with a screw cap.  Allow to cure overnight.  Massage the blend on the affected area, avoiding the eyes.  Repeat twice daily for scabies, lice and skin parasites.  As a repellent, apply every 4 to 6 hours during exposure to insects.

            A few drops of Pine can be added to linseed oil to clean and treat furniture from dryness and abuse.  Here’s an example.


Furniture Oil


            In 1 cup of linseed oil, add the following ingredients:

                        2 drops of Pine

                        6 drops of Orange

            Allow to cure overnight in an airtight nonmetal container.  Apply to clean cloth and clean furniture and window sills.  Store any leftover in a nonmetal airtight container.

            Use the blend diluted in water instead of linseed oil to clean floors and countertops.

            Keep Pine dilutions and blends away from children and out of reach.

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