Calm Pet Testimonial

My testimony:

I am a rescuer and healer of injured, dying, ill, and abused animals, mostly cats. At present I have 15 special needs cats in my home, most of whom who have had wild origins. Judy's flower essences and her Calm Pet, not only saved my sanity, but have remarkably improved the health of all of my cats, one especially. If it wasn't for Judy's flower essences, one of my precious cats would not be here today! What a difference these essences have made, for once where there was fighting and misery, now is calm, happiness, freedom from pain, and actual play amongst the cats. I cannot recommend Judy's products high enough! They really work, and on animals, too!

~Amy S.
Garden of Eden
Home of Rescue and Healing for 15 Special Needs Felines + 1 feral cat
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