Feng Shui Room Sprays

Feng Shui Room Spray Testimonial


I just returned from a Celebration of Life for my father who passed away last Fall. There was a great deal of stress involved with returning to his home, dealing with various personalities and getting everything set up for the event. I have been using the Feng Shui Room Sprays for years and brought several with me on this trip. I must say that the Harmonize and Balance and the Clearing sprays worked wonderfully. Whenever there started to be dissension among family members, I politely excused myself, sprayed myself with either Harmonize and Balance or Clearing and returned to the room. Within seconds, everyone was calmed down and behaving well. Grief drops were also used by family members during the big event which kept us all upbeat and positively remembering happy times. Once again, your aromatherapy products saved the day. 


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