The Young at Heart

The Young at Heart

  Tangerine, Citrus madarosis, originated in China and the Far East, as the mandarin orange.  Citrus reticulata came to the West in the early 1800’s.  When mandarin orange trees came to America, it became known as the tangerine.  Today’s tangerine is larger and more aromatic.  True mandarin essential oil is very sweet and floral.  The essential oil of mandarin is non-toxic, and perfect for children.  It calms children, reducing fear and insomnia.  Essential oil is produced by cold pressing the outer skin.  An orange- colored oil is produced.  Children enjoy mandarin or tangerine oil in a bath or foot rub.


Calming Foot Rub


            In 1 ounce of warm sesame oil, add the following essential oils:

                        10 drops of Mandarin’ 

                        10 drops of Tangerine

                          2 drops of Sandalwood

            Mix well with a non-metal instrument.  Apply warm to little feet.  Gently massage the oil into the bottom of the feet.  Cover the feet with clean socks.

            Bottle remaining blend in dark glass with a tight fitting cap.  Refrigerate until further use.  Finish the blend within 3 months.  Also refrigerate mandarin and tangerine essential oils.

            The elderly enjoy mandarin to enhance digestion and peristalsis.  Mandarin treats indigestion, hiccoughs, constipation and colic.  Combine it with stimulating fixatives, such as coriander, cinnamon, or ginger root.  Apply warm to the abdomen.


Stimulating Digestant


            In 1 ounce of warm carrier oil, add the following essential oils:

                        10 drops of Mandarin  

                        10 drops of fennel

                          2 drops of cinnamon

                          2 drops of coriander

            Mix well with a non-metal instrument.  Apply warm to the abdomen and massage for several minutes in a clockwise motion.

            Children may prefer tangerine substituted for mandarin essential oil.  The therapeutic properties are similar, children preferring the less floral aroma of tangerine.  The question may be whether sweet orange essential oil can be substituted for tangerine or mandarin.  Sweet orange will be energizing, but not as specific as the other two oils.  It is more specific for unblocking sluggish energy, especially of the liver and spleen.  Orange is balancing; mandarin and tangerine are calming.

            Bottle any remaining blend in dark glass with a tight fitting screw cap.  Refrigerate and apply warm daily to normalize digestion.

            Mandarin combines well with neroli to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.



Stretch Mark Prevention Blend


            In 2 ounces of jojoba oil, add the following essential oils:

                        15 drops of Neroli

                        25 drops of Mandarin

                          2 drops of Tonka bean

            Allow to cure overnight.  Massage onto the tummy with clockwise, circular motions every day.  Refrigerate remaining blend in dark glass with a tight fitting screw cap.

            Mandarin is safe during pregnancy.  Here is a headache blend to use for tension   and seasonal headaches.


Mama’s Headache Blend


            In 1 ounce of carrier oil, add the following essential oils:

                        10 drops of Mandarin

                        12 drops of German Chamomile

                          2 drops of Cardamom

            Allow to cure 3 hours or overnight when possible.  Massage 2 drops on each temple, the forehead or back of the neck.  Relax with either a warm or cold compress across the center of the forehead or back of the neck.  Bottle remaining blend in dark glass with a tightly fitted screw cap.  Refrigerate.


            Tangerine is excellent oil for premenstrual tension.  Use it throughout the month, in mid cycle, or during those crabby or weepy days to chase the blues away.


How to Treat a Lady


            In 1 ounce of sesame oil, add the following essential oils:

                        15 drops of Tangerine

                          5 drops of Geranium

                          5 drops of Lemon Balm

                          1 drop of Clary Sage or Angelica root

            Clary is more calming; Angelica is more centering and is a fixative to hold the aromas.

            Tangerine offers a less floral or sweet blend to lift the mood form crisis to complacence.  Sesame oil is also soothing to the nervous system, the best carrier oil for this blend.

            Allow the blend to cure overnight, bottled in dark glass with a tight fitting screw cap, in the refrigerator or a cool, dark place.  Massage 5 drops onto the neck and throat 2 or 3 times, as needed, to maintain a happy presence.

            Tangerine also helps a sad or pouting child build positive feelings.  I like to combine Tangerine with a small drop of vanilla when it’s crying time again.  Diffuse the blend into a room and share to joy.  Adults will benefit from the aroma lift also.



No More Pouting Blend


            Combine 20 drops of Tangerine with 1 drop of Vanilla essential oil.  Drop into a cup of steaming, hot water, or diffuse into the room.  Relax and enjoy the benefits.

            Tangerine has antiseptic, cleansing and toxic properties.  The oil helps correct oily and acne prone skin.  It can also be added to a shampoo or rinse to alleviate acne occurring below the hair line on the back of the neck.  I choose tangerine because it does not have a floral or sweet scent like mandarin.  Tangerine is a good choice for teenagers who can benefit from the uplifting effect.  It also smells better than tea tree, eucalyptus and the strong aromas used in acne and oily skin treatments.

 The following blend is a new and unique one.  For best results, avoid fatty and fried foods.  Eat six or more cups of fruit and vegetables daily, especially the ones high in vitamin A.  Drink two quarts of water daily during the summer, which may include herbal teas and electrolyte beverages.  Include regular exercise and relaxation.  Use skin care that is paraben free, avoiding heavy makeup or products that can clog pores.


Ph Balanced Cleanser


            In 3 ounces of pure aloe, add 1 tablespoon of witch hazel and 1 teaspoon of vegetable glycerin.  Stir and add:

                          1 drop of Rosemary

                        30 drops of Tangerine

                          1 drop of Patchouli

            Bottle in dark glass with a tight fitting cap.  Use this combination 3 times daily to wash the face and neck.  Pat dry.  Store remaining blend in the refrigerator.  Note:  Make sure the glycerin is made from only vegetable sources.


Mask for Oily and Acne Prone Skin


            In 2 tablespoons of wet clay, add the following essential oils:

                        6 drops of Tangerine

                        2 drops of Cypress

            Mix well.  Apply immediately to the face and neck.  Relax for 10 minutes, then rinse skin thoroughly.  Pat dry.  Repeat once or twice weekly.  Note:  You can purchase green clay powder and add approximately 10 drops of pure water to each tablespoon.  Mix and add essential oils.  Do not use chemically fragranced wet clay.  It can cause irritation and eruptions.


Simple Tonic to Tighten Pores


            Beat 1 egg white with a fork to mix well.  Add 3 drops of Tangerine essential oil.  Spread over a clean face and neck.  Allow to dry.  Rinse with cool water after several minutes.  Repeat 2 or 3 times weekly.
















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