How do I apply my Petite Fleur Essences?

How To Apply Your Petite Fleur Essences
Petite Fleur Essences and their combinations may be applied to clean, unbroken skin. Pulse points, like the wrists, nape of the neck are excellent choices. Since they begin to work immediately, they can even be applied to the bottom of the feet. The chest and abdomen are also good choices. The combination sprays can be sprayed in the same places, always avoiding the eyes and open skin.
The Petites may be applied 3x daily, more as needed during crisis times. They facilitate your body’s ability to heal itself and cannot be over used. The Petites are not drugs. They are 100% natural and organically grown on site. Continue to use your prescriptions and supplements as directed by your health care provider. The subtle scents of the Petites lift quickly, immediately assisting the body’s greatest health. A dram bottle is 100 drops and lasts about 4 weeks.
A special, individualized Petite blend is available with Dr. Griffin’s consultation. A one ounce blend lasts several weeks and can be re-ordered at a discounted price. Again, the Petites are not drugs and can be worn when using prescriptions and supplements.
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