How Many Petite Fleur Essences May Be Worn?

How Many Petite Fleur Essences May Be Worn?


As many as 7 to 10 essences or combinations may be worn daily. They can be applied in one minute intervals. 


I suggest Energy to be applied in the daytime.  to be applied in the daytime. 

Toxic Thyroid is best utilized in the morning and at lunch at the nape of the neck and throat. 

Deep Sleep is best applied at bedtime and throughout the night, (or the time of day when you sleep,) to assure restful sleep. 

UTI should be worn at night and bedtime, especially if awakened during the night to void. Weight is best applied before meals on the nape of the neck and throat.

Cravings can be applied when cravings occur and throughout the day and evening. For nighttime carbohydrate cravings, apply it 3x at night. 


It is safe to use the Petites more often when needed. They facilitate your body’s ability to heal itself and will work on your body’s timing. Single Petites can also be worn every minute, 7 to 10 times daily, singly or after a combination. The Petites bring out your inner beauty, latent talents and innate ability to accomplish your greatest achievements. The Petites are not drugs, and may be worn by those taking medications and supplements. 


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