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Skin Care Questions and Answers

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Skin Care Questions


 Do the skincare packages include body products?    No, however the therapeutic lotion kits are as follows:

         Rest and Relaxation Kit includes Lavender lotion and Lavender Bath Oil

          More Energy Kit includes Lime-Aid lotion and Peppermint Bath Oil


 What is the best product for a deodorant?

         Lavender Floral Water mister is very cleansing.

     Does it smell strong and last a longtime?

          No, it is very light and the scent will not stay on your clothes.


 I’ve been told I have oil skin, but I get dry patches on my face and arms. What products are best for me?

          I suggest using the Lavender lotion on the arms, legs; and use the Normal Skin Assortment package products on your face.