Pet Allergies

Pet Scents for Allergies and Skin Conditions


Pets have allergies and reactions to environmental pollution and unhealthy foods affecting their skin. These allergies may cause your pet to itch, scratch, bleed, lose hair and suffer from skin lesions. A first aid aromablend to help pets deal with their allergic symptoms and have on hand is Hot Spots. We have successfully used it on several cases of mange. Calm Pet is a wonderful blend for very large to small animals. It calms the allergic skin reactions, reduces itching and scratching, while calming the emotional nature of the pet. Use it to counteract frightening noises and occurrences that scare your pet. Insect Repellent will keep the bug bites away, including ticks. 


Hot Spots - Apply topically to mange. For itchy and inflamed skin.


Calm Pet - For travel or at home. Apply to head, ears coat, and relax. Avoid eye contact.


Insect Repellent - Repels mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and critters. Apply generously to coat and head, avoiding eye contact.


For more information on pet products, please visit Pet Scents on our website.


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