Aromatherapy for Detox, Mold and Environmental Toxins

Aromatherapy for Detox, Mold and Environmental Toxins

by Dr. Judy Griffin


Aromatherapy for detox is a safe, effective and natural way to enhance self-healing. Detox is a gentle cleanser, to help remove metabolic waste. There are genetic factors involved in the body’s ability to detoxify molds and industrial toxins. One in four Americans cannot effectively remove mold mycotoxins in animal feed, and other biotoxins. (See Journal of American Science, Jan 1991.) These toxins also include indoor molds, and solvents, such as benzene and toluene.


Fungi and molds release toxins that cause an inflammatory reaction in the neurons and brain cells. The cytokines released destroy affected brain cells and neurons. (The Scientist, Sept 2011, Sue Griffin: The Role of Inflammation in Alzheimer’s.) Scientific studies relate mold toxins to Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological conditions. (Purzycki, CB, Shain DH, Fungal Toxins and Multiple Sclerosis a Compelling connection: Brain Res Bulletin, April 2010.) Detox is used in hospitals and clinics to assist in natural detoxification processes.


Tissue samples from those suffering from neurological disorders, such as M.S. and Alzheimer’s, have high levels of chitin in the brain. Chitin is an enzyme released to target fungal toxins and may also be involved in allergic reactions. Chitin is otherwise not found in humans.  


Mold and mold toxins are available in our food supply. Allergic reaction to foods, such as corn, may be from mold toxins. About 20% of corn grown in America contains dangerous mold toxins. (Russell L, Cox DF, Larsen G, Bodwell K, Nelson CE: Incidence of Molds and Mycotoxins in Commercial Animal Feed Mills in Seven Midwestern States: Journal of Animal Science. Jan 1991)


Mold toxins are believed to be involved with other neurological and common symptoms. These can include Chronic Fatigue, Depression - Anxiety, Rage, Bipolar and Autism. The immune system is constantly destroying brain and nerve tissue through inflammatory and histamine response. Detox encourages drainage of lymphatic tissue, where these toxins may also be causing problems, such as leaky gut syndrome.


Leaky gut is intestinal hypermeability. Damaged gut tissue is believed to be caused by environmental toxins and imbalanced intestinal bacteria. Candida yeast and bacterial overgrowth in the intestines can interfere with serotonin and taurine production in the gut. Immune and allergic reactions to mold toxins increase electrical activity in the brain and may also increase dopamine levels. This can cause a host of symptoms, such as panic, rage, anxiety, addiction, insomnia, and nerve degenerative illness. (Maes M., the Cytokine Hypothesis of Depression, Inflammation, Oxidative, and Nitrosative Stress and Leaky Gut: Neuroendocrine Letter, June 2008)


There are many combination treatments to help the body return to homeostasis. This includes nutrition, diet and Detox to enhance the integrity of the immune response and detoxification of environmental and food toxins. Aromatherapy for Detox begins working with brain chemistry in 1/100th of a second through inhalation. The body then releases neurochemicals and hormones through the bloodstream and lymphatics to improve healthIt seems obvious that we must also clean our external environment to reduce mold toxins and industrial toxins underlying immune response. or visit her website to order Detox and other aromatic products.


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