Liver Health and Fatty Liver Disease

Liver Health and Fatty Liver Disease


Recent research at California’s Stanford University finds that those with a fatty liver are 5 times more likely to develop Type II Diabetes.  Fatty liver can occur from viral exposure such as hepatitis C without occurrence.  Alcohol consumption also contributes to fatty liver disease.  The liver can regenerate with proper diet, nutrition and therapeutic aids.


Energy, an aromahealthtexas blend, aids in glutathione production necessary for cellular metabolism and energy.  It is topical, safe and can be worn when taking medicines and supplements.


Regenerate is an aromatic blend that aids in reducing scarring and adhesions often sited in fatty liver disease.  The blend facilitates healthy tissue growth and function over a period of weeks and months.


Detox is an aromablend that assists in the body’s natural detoxification.


Dandelion herbal and Liver herbal reduce bloating, swelling tissues and detoxification from the liver to the kidneys promoting an energetic response to live.


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