Gluten Free Diet

A gluten free diet has helped many clients with Crohn’s and colitis. Results for many irritable bowel clients and asthmatics have also been noticed. The proteins in gluten are large and difficult to digest for many people. Some people carry 1 or 2 genes for Celiac’s and their symptoms improve with a gluten free diet. Celiac sufferers can experience symptoms at any time of their life, due to unusual stress, as gene expression turns on and off during a lifetime of stressors. When a Crohn’s client does not respond to meds and other therapies, I suggest a gluten free diet. For those who continue to eat gluten foods, there are special enzymes released in the small intestine to help digest glutens.

I create special blends for Crohn’s and colitis people. However, Allergy blend and Inner Strength blend are essence aroma blends to help balance and promote immune strength. For many people, these are life long foals. A gluten free diet may be necessary to support immune health. Rose Campion Petite fleur helps for those with a genetic condition.

The “cure” always involves personal responsibility and immune balancing therapy.

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