Is Hemp Protein Gluten Free?

I recently purchased Hemp protein to include into my diet. The first dose caused a reaction, with throat swelling and intestinal distress. When I called the company, I was told hemp doesn't cause allergic reactions. During a short discussion, I was told their hemp protein is grown and processed after wheat. It was not gluten free for that reason.

There are other grains grown under similar conditions, such as quinoa. It is necessary to call the company of origin about the grains you eat and ask what conditions they are grown. Also find out who processes the grain and if any glutenous grains are grown or processed there.Also buy from reputable, longstanding companies, such as Lundberg and Erewhon.

There are digestive aids that can help digest  small amounts of gluten . Not any digestive aid will do. Many digestive aids are made from milk or wheat protein. Check your sources. I'll be glad to help you with any questions, concerns or reputable companies.

It only takes the tiniest amount of gluten to start an autoimmune reaction that can lead to incurable diseases, such as cancer for those with gluten sensitivities. The symptoms are varied and often hard to define as gluten sensitivity.  D.N.A. lab swabs inside your cheeks can tell your physician if you have the genes for Celiac's. The disease has  only been very recently diagnosed and treated correctly. It is up to us as individuals to ensure our best health and nurturing by paying attention to the details of our diet.

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