Rose Oil Mud Masque

Therapeutic Rose Oil Mud Masque


Would you like to know one of Cleopatra’s beauty secrets?  Healing clay has been used therapeutically (on the skin) by indigenous and the most ancient cultures for thousands of years.  Medicinal clay removes impurities through the skin and eliminates toxins, healing boils, ulcers, acne, seborrhea and even Candida fungal infections.  Recently, healing clay is used topically for multi-strain-resistant staph and superbugs due to its great antibacterial properties.


AromaHealthTexas has added organically grown, handpicked, steam distilled and hand separated inglass rose oil.  Rose oil soothes and balances every tupe of skin, from dry to oily, adding deodorant and more antibacterial properties to healing clay.


The aromatic properties of rose oil soothes the nerves, reducing anxiety and depression, increases endorphins, enhancing happy moods and has been used to mend broken hearts.  Rose oil also stimulates dopamine, known to be deficient in Parkinson’s disease.  It stimulates energy and helps reduce the severity of menopausal, PMS and female complaints.


Look good and feel good with Rose Oil Mud Masque



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