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Neck & Shoulder Pain Aromatherapy

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Neck & Shoulder Pain Aromatherapy

Tension, trauma and injury cause neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. Scoliosis, curvature of the spine also causes the shoulders and neck to misalign with muscle spasms.  Using aromatherapy for neck and shoulder pain is a non-invasive and complimentary treatment method.   Relax the Shoulders and Stop Suffering blends relieve tension and create more circulation to reduce spasms and pain. Relax the Shoulders is a cooling, soothing, relaxing blend for delicate tissues.  Stop Hurting, Circulation Booster and Deep Massage lotions may be too stimulating for tender areas around and on the neck.  To stop suffering and relax the shoulders, lightly massage 2-3 times daily with either a pain aromatherapy lotion or spray.  

Stroke can leave tingling, numbness and severe pain in the arms, legs and affected areas. Clinically, Stop Hurtinglotion, massaged 2 or 3 times daily onto the painful area dramatically reduced symptoms in several days to several weeks. Many people regained use of their limbs in varying degrees. Stop Suffering blend applied 3 times daily increased recovery time. After several weeks, Recovery blend often enhances optimal recuperation. Foods high in the amino acid arginine, such as nuts or nut butters, can shorten recuperation time. Soy butter and nuts are genetically altered, unless labeled no GMO. GMO soy products are best avoided.  Pain aromatherapy works alone or may be used with over the counter or prescription medications. 

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