Aromatherapy for Weight, Diabetes and Heart Disease

by Dr. Judy Griffin


A recent study* by the USDA research agency at Beltsville, Maryland indicates a water soluble extract from cinnamon contains antioxidants that can reduce health problems from diabetes and heart disease. This cinnamon extraction is available in a nontoxic aromatherapy topical product called Weight. This therapeutic aromablend has been used in hospitals with patients suffering from diabetes, heart conditions and diabetes during pregnancy. Weight can be used with medications and supplementation to help normalize blood sugar and bodily functions associated with heart disease and diabetes. Many patients experienced less desire to overeat or eat sugary and high fat foods, resulting in weight loss.


Cinnamon has been used by ancient cultures for hundreds and thousands of years to improve cardiovascular health and normalize blood sugar. Mexicans drink a cinnamon tea to promote cardiovascular health and improve circulation. (Mother Nature’s Herbal, Judy Griffin, PhD., p.59) Chinese and Asians use cinnamon to improve circulation, digestion, lower back pain, cramps and bronchial wheezing. (Mother Nature’s Kitchen, Judy Griffin, PhD., pages 71 & 220) Ancient Ayurvedic Indians used cinnamon with other seasonal spices to replace meats in vegetarian dishes. These foods are used to treat a variety of ailments and release serotonin, a relaxing neurochemical in the brain. Africans, Moroccans, and Algerians use cinnamon in a very spicy, hot chile curry to “cool” the cardiovascular system after an initial cleanse of perspiration. (Mother Nature’s Herbal, Judy Griffin, PhD., pages 197-212) 


Cinnamon, Cinnamon cassia, sticks contain chromium, a mineral that may help regulate blood sugar. Chromium is deficient in soil in the Western World. The newly discovered antioxidant properties of cinnamon show promise in complementary, self healing therapy ingested or inhaled. Inhalation reaches the bloodstream quickly, as the oxygen-rich blood cells circulate throughout the bloodstream. Inhalation, as in the Weight aromatherapy product (found at,) can impact the brain in 1/100th of a second, affecting the neuroendocrine and blood sugar hormones.


Whether you inhale or ingest this aromatic spice, it can initiate a self healing process beneficial to you.


To order Weight or for more information please visit or call Dr. Griffin at 1-800-496-2125


*The USDA referenced report is located in Hormone Research, vol. 50, pages 177-182, 1998, and a second report in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, vol. 20, pages 327-336, 2001, both illustrate the mechanism of action of the cinnamon

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