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Chemical Dependency

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Chemical Dependency

Chemical Dependency is a disease. Addiction and dependence may occur with any substance. With a controlled substance, chemical dependence is affiliated with pain-either physical and/or emotional. Alcohol dependence is a form of depression or anxiety, usually both. Depression and anxiety are similar to opposite sides of the same coin, each having a different expression. Prescription drug dependence may occur from fear, pain, anger, depression or anxiety. Cravings blend encourages healing by reducing the dependence on the drug or chemical. Time, counseling, support groups and low medication may be necessary. Dependency is a complicated pattern (See The Healing Flowers) with many levels of healing and support on an ongoing basis. Self Image helps the individual autonomy and potential growth. As an individual heals, the person regresses emotionally to the age when the dependence began.Self Image encourages emotional growth and well being. Relaxation blend reduces anxiety and promotes positive thoughts and calmness. Recovery aids in recuperation, both physically and emotionally.

Depression may occur during dependence or recovery. Harmony blend is most helpful. If manic behavior or episodes occur, Harmony and Relaxation are the best blends.

For those kicking a tobacco habit, Stop Smoking is the most supportive blend. Cravings are also beneficial in reducing the desire and psychological dependence of smokers. The desire to quit must come from within.