Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Sensory Integration Dysfunction


Problems with how the nervous system communicates throughout the body and it’s organs can lead to many disorders, including ADD, schizophrenia, nocturnal enuresis, autism and information overloading. The sensory pathways, rather than the brain, can become over or under stimulated, creating difficulties in how an individual perceives the world. Research has only started to offer solutions.

 Nature’s solution may include Petite Fleur Essence

Marquis Bocella Antique Rose applied topically daily. 

Reduce Stress of sensory pathways, allowing information to flow freely. 

Chill Out may benefit young children by wearing this blend daily.

Waterworks blend may be especially helpful with nocturnal enuresis, bedwetting, by wearing it in the evening and nighttime. 

ADD/ADHD blend centers children and adults to help allow sensory information to be processed correctly.


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