Awakening the Inner Voice of the Heart and Circulation

A healthy circulation system manifests through joy and laughter. It helps us live in harmony with nature affecting every function and movement in the body.  Feeling vulnerable in relationships, and seeing life as it really is can be corrected with better blood flow.

Symptoms of poor circulation include: dizziness, chronic fatigue, spontaneous sweating, dry skin and hair, weak nails, cold hands and feet, numbness and stinging or loss of feeling in the lower limbs, cramps, Raynaud's disease, memory problems, irregular pulse or heart rhythm, complications of diabetes and chronic illness, varicosities, spasms or arterial spasms, rheumatic heart conditions, disturbed sleep... the list seems endless.

Here's some AromaHealth Essences, used clinically, to enhance circulation.

Inner Peace: Hands and feet circulation.

Free the Spirit: varicosity prevention or pain.

Intuition: helps prevent vascular inflammation.

Joyful: Reduces spasms, arterial spasms and encourages healthy veins.

Dynamic: Reduces vascular inflammation and plaque formation.

Daffodil Petite Fleur Essence:  helps balance arrhythmias and irregular heart beats.

Circulation Booster: encourages blood flow returning to the heart and limb circulation.

Lemon Thyme Shampoo: helps dry hair and scalp, encouraging healthy hair.

Oriental Daze natural fragrance: A unisex aroma for digestion, oxygenated blood flow for energy and maximum organ functions, and memory.

Rose Geranium natural fragrance: a wonderful fragrance for maiden to crohn, reducing nervousness and chronic fatigue.

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