Soothing the Inner Core- Blog 24

Soothing the Inner Core- Blog 24


Chamomile, Matricaria chamomilla is gentle and kind to the body and emotions. A traditional herb and essential oil for children, it is low in toxicity and also safe for pregnant women, elderly, and sensitive folks. The most beneficial effects are soothing the nervous system. Irritable children, teens and adults find contentment from the effects of chamomile. Before learning the many benefits of this humble, yellow flower, let’s differentiate between the two varieties used in aromatherapy. Both originate from the sunflower family of composite. Matricaria chamomilla is German chamomile. The flowers are only diluted to produce an essential oil. It is known as blue chamomile because the essential oil and absolute contain azulen, the active component and healing agent. Azulen is cobalt blue with a very pronounced and intense aroma. It is preferred as a healing essential oil, but rarely used alone. The fragrance is often combined with compatible aromas to be more pleasing to the recipient. It blends well with lavender, clary sage, lemon, lemon grass, and lisea cubeba, neroli, sweet orange, and bergamot, lemon balm, geranium, and rose. Benzoe, cedarwood, and coriander are compatible base notes.

            Anthelmis noblis is Roman chamomile. The essential oil is distilled from the flowers and leaves. It contains much less azulen and has a milder and sweeter smell so often associated with chamomile. I grow both varieties. The Roman chamomile is bushier and has larger, flat leaves. When brewing herb tea, German chamomile tastes sweeter. In contrast the Roman variety makes a very stout tasting tea with an overpowering aroma. Both are very medicinal. The essential oil of Roman is a pale, light yellow color, easily distinguished from the cobalt blue German chamomile, which is very thick and viscous. If you want the essential oil solution to smell good, use Roman chamomile. Roman is also preferred for children and sensitive people. German chamomile is preferred for skin problems and wound healing. The following remedies provide healing with the soothing balm of chamomile. Use them to reduce tension, worry, or pain.

            While traveling south of the border gathering information for Mother Nature’s Herbal, I found this combination most compassionate travel companion. Mexican and South Americans prefer chamomile to relieve tummy troubles and often use it when overeating causes bloating.


Tummy Troubles

In 2 ounces of carrier oil add:

10 drops German chamomile

5 drops Orange

5 drops Fennel, foeniculum vulgare

1 drop Coriander

Bottle in dark glass with a screw top. Allow to cure 3 hours when possible. Turn the bottle over 2 or 3 times to combine the essential oils. Place the bottle in a pan of hot tap water to warm the mixture before application. Massage in circular, clockwise motions on the abdomen for several minutes.


Here’s a formula to relieve stress and the headaches that may accompany tension.









My Head Hurts


In a dark, glass bottle add 1 ounce of warm carrier oil and the following essential oils:

6 drops Roman chamomile

5 drops of Lemon balm, Melissa officinalis

2 drops of Rose

1 drop of Sandalwood

Massage temples, forehead, the back of the neck, and shoulders for several minutes in a small circular motion. Apply any leftover blend to the front of the neck and throat. Stroke upward from the bottom of the throat to the base of the chin. This blend will reduce fear, worry, anxiety, and racing thoughts. Try it to induce a good night sleep.


A Good Night Sleep


In 1 ounce of warm carrier oil add all ingredients into a dark, glass bottle with a screw cap.

6 drops Roman chamomile

3 drops Lavender

5 drops Benzoin styrax

1 drop Frankincense

Turn the bottle over gently to thoroughly mix the contents. Allow to cure 3 hours, if possible before applying. Message the blend onto the temples, the throat, and the neck. Rub several drops into the hands and inhale deeply 3 or more times. Kiss your pillow goodnight.

            Use the anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile, rose, and lavender to reduce pain, especially for mastitis, sunburn, or burns.

Breast Pain, Burns or Sunburns


In 1 ounce of carrier oil add:

5 drops German chamomile

2 drops Rose

3 drops Lavender

For mastitis apply to the breast and nipples. Cover with damp, warm, clean hand towels or cloth for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat 3 or 4 times daily to reduce pain.

For burns and sunburn, apply to affected area. Cover with a cold, moist towel for several minutes. Repeat up to 4 times every 10 minutes to abate pain. Cold aloe vera gel or juice is excellent to moisten covering towels.


To relieve sciatica and nerve pain, lightly massage the following ingredients:










Nerve Pain and Sciatica

In 1 ounce of carrier oil add:

10 drops German chamomile

6 drops Lavender

1 drop of Clary sage

1 drop of Clove

Bottle in dark glass with a screw top. Allow to cure 3 hours. Turn the bottle over several times to blend well. Massage area with long strokes using the thumbs. Cover the recipient to provide warmth.

            Chamomile is an excellent addition to skin and hair care. The anti inflammatory and soothing qualities enhance any skin type. It accents light and hair and helps repair split ends. Roman chamomile is preferred for skin and hair products diluted in jojoba oil. Acne is a skin condition best treated with German chamomile.


Normal Skincare

In 1 ounce of jojoba oil add:

6 drops Roman chamomile

2 drops Ylang ylang extra or absolute

3 drops Neroli

2 drops Carrot seed, Daucus carota

Bottle in dark glass with a screw top. Allow to cure 3 hours, or up to 3 days, before messaging face and neck twice daily after cleansing.


Dry Skincare

In 1 ounce of jojoba oil add:

8 drops Roman chamomile

4 drops Lavender

2 drops Rose

2 drops Sandalwood

Bottle in dark glass with a screw top. Allow to cure 3 hours, or up to 3 days. After cleansing, lightly massage face, neck and hands morning and night.


Oily Skin

In 1 ounce of jojoba oil add:

2 drops Roman chamomile

6 drops Rosemary

2 drops Lemongrass

1 drop Juniper

Bottle in dark glass with a screw top. Allow to cure 3 hours, before lightly messaging clean skin. Refrigerate left over blend.



In 1-ounce aloe vera gel add:

6 drops German chamomile

1 drop Tea tree

2 drops Orange

1 drop Cedarwood

Bottle in dark glass with a screw top for 3 hours. Message onto clean skin 3 times daily. Refrigerate left over blend.