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Skin Renewal

 The first recipe is for cracked or very chapped skin. Cracked skin occurs on the hands, feet, face, and near, or around the mouth. This condition is very hurtful to many people. Chapped skin occurs mainly on the cheeks, lips and hands. The skin hurts, even when a soothing cream is applied. Therefore, an oil blend will be also offered. Both may be used for each condition. The essential oils will differ.

 Skin Renewal for Cracked Skin

In 4 ounces of Moisture Now cream or 4 tablespoons of carrier oil add:

12 drops of German (blue) chamomile

5 drops of Patchouli

3 drops of Myrrh

Stir bottle in a 4-ounce container with a tight- fitting lid. Allow to cure 3 hours or overnight. Lightly massage into cracked skin morning and night. Avoid long, hot baths until skin heals.

 Skin Renewal for Chapped Skin

 In 4 tablespoons of carrier oil, such as avocado, aloe vera gel, or jojoba oil add:

10 drop Rose

15 drops lavender

4 drops benzoin

Bottle in a dark glass with a screw cap. Allow to cure 3 hours. Turn the bottle over to mix the blend well before applying twice daily to chapped skin using light strokes. Reduce exposure to wind, cold or hot temperatures as skin adjusts.

            Another condition that can be helped with essential oils is red capillaries on the face and skin. They appear to be red lines, usually on the cheeks. Those with fair skin and sensitive complexions are most affected. The use of alcohol and caffeine may aggravate the condition, as well as using soap for cleansing. Clay masques may also aggravate the condition. The following formulas will offer alternative care.

            People who have these fine, red capillaries on their face will benefit from using the gentlest cleansers and products on their skin. Hydrosols, or healing waters that are a byproduct of distillation, are excellent to mist on the face for extra moisture and deep pore cleansing. Melissa, or Lemon balm, rose, geranium, and lavender are good choices.

            To soothe red capillaries, the following suggestions will help make a healing blend. It may take several weeks or months to see the results desired. Be persistent and keep a daily regime for skincare. Your skin will look more youthful and radiant for the effort.








Broken Capillary Treatment

In 3 fluid ounce dark, glass bottle, add the following oils:

3 drops Neroli

5 drops Rose

2 drops Lavender

Add 1-tablespoon witch hazel and 2.5 ounces of rose, Melissa, orange flower or linden flower water. Cap tightly and allow to cure 3 hours. Before applying, turn the bottle over 2 or 3 times to thoroughly mix the contents. Essential oils rise naturally to the top. Apply the capillaries morning and night after cleansing with a cotton ball or clean cloth.

Note: Only rose can be successfully used in this formula for very tender skin. Use the same formula, substituting 10 drops of rose essential oil for neroli and lavender.

            The following recipe can be used to deep cleanse, tone, and moisturize troubled skin. It is an acceptable substitute for clay masques. The main ingredient is honey, which is safe for cracked, sensitive skin, rosacea, or acne. It will not dry hard on the skin.


Honey Masque

In a wide mouth glass jar add:

2 ounces of honey

1 tablespoon lavender or rose hydrosol to thin the honey

4 drops of geranium

2 drops of Roman chamomile, optional

Stir the ingredients with a ceramic, wooden, (or plastic) spoon, or instrument. Avoid metal. It reacts with the essential oils. Apply the honey masque to clean skin with the fingertips, using light strokes. Cover the face and neck as desired. Allow setting 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm or cool water. Any remaining diluted honey can be sealed and refrigerated for use within 3 days.



Psoriasis is a skin problem that requires various treatments. Severity also varies. The symptoms include smooth red areas, scaling, and plaques, lesions defined in a ringed area and acute eruptions of pustules. Symptoms are usually chronic and may come and go for no apparent reasons. A physician diagnoses is definitive for this skin disease. Most research supports psoriasis to be a dysfunction of the skin’s enzymes. The epidermal, top layer of skin, suffers from a rapid turnover of cells and dilation of the capillaries.

            In aromatherapy, specific essential oils and carrier oils, nurture and protect the epidermis. These products help regulate the skin’s temperature, reduce allergic reactions, while eliminating environmental and metabolic waste. They will help regenerate cell regeneration without stimulating dermal cell  renewal for psoriasis treatment. This is a variation from other aromatherapy treatments we have studied.

           Evening primrose oil, borage and avocado oils specifically help psoriasis treatment. Borage oil is least expensive and works equally as well as other oils. A combination of 2 or 3 of these oils at any time is preferred. Ingesting encapsulated evening primrose,


  and borage oil with meals may also help. They contain omega 6 essential fatty acid, 

which aids many body processes.

          My research suggests this skin condition is precipitated by incorrect melatonin release from the pineal gland. Melatonin levels naturally rises at night to encourage sleep. Psoriasis clients have low melatonin levels at night and higher levels during the day. Melatonin is sometimes deficient in psoriasis sufferers. Melatonin levels must be determined by a competent health professional and monitored on a regular basis.

          For practical purposes, follow these simple rules. Do not sleep with a light on or shining into the bedroom. Cover large mirrors at night that may reflect light. Use ultraviolet light or get  at least 30 minutes of sunlight daily or several times a week.Exposure may be up to 2 hours, using protective clothing. Visit the ocean when possible and allow your skin to be nurtured by seawater. Best times to enjoy sunshine is before10A.M., or after 5 P.M. Remember that sunblock is most protective during the first hour after application. Call the manufacturer listed on the label for details of any sunblock used.

          If you work at night and sleep during the day, even 30 minutes in a room using ultraviolet light may be beneficial. This is a specialty light widely available at lighting stores and some hardware stores. Also enjoy sunshine on weekends, holidays or days off to stimulate proper melatonin levels.

          Allergy and stress may precipitate breakouts. My dietary research and experience over 30 years, indicate certain foods  may encourage a breakout. Fats from nuts, peanuts, and other dietary oils can contribute to psoriasis breakouts.Monitor fat intake and reduce nuts and especially peanuts. Seeds may be an acceptable substitute. Other foods may  be dietary stressors. These must be individually identified and reduced or removed from the diet. Every fat, including avocado must be eaten in moderation. Successful treatment includes dietary modification for psoriasis conditions.

         Several essential oils help reduce and manage psoriasis. These essential oils have high odor intensity and are best used in small amounts. They include myrrh, cajeput, teatree, cedarwood, lavender, and angelica root. The following blends are diluted in the carrier oils best suited for psoriasis.

                                         Psoriasis healing oil


        Combine 1 tablespoon avocado oil, borage seed oil or evening primrose oil in a clean non metal container. Glass is best. Please use cold pressed oils. Be sure to refrigerate these oils after opening. Add the following essential oils:


                           5 drops of Myrrh

                            3 drops of Teatree

                           5 drops of Lavender

                            5 drops of Cajeput, Melaleuca cajeputi




        Mix with a non metal stirring stick or spoon and apply  the mixture to affected areas of the skin twice daily.Refrigerate any leftover blend in a tightly sealed container. Use within 2 days. The following blend has a more socially acceptable aroma and may be used as an alternate blend for social settings and work.




                                 Socially acceptable healing blend



      Combine 1 tablespoon avocado, borage seed and/or evening primrose oils in a non metal or glass container. Add the following essential oils:


                         5 drops Immortelle

                          5 drops Rockrose

                          3 drops Lavender


      Mix well with a nonmetal stirring stick or spoon. Apply to affected areas of the skin. .Refrigerate leftover blend in a tightly sealed container. Use within 2 days.


      The next blend may be applied to the scalp to treat any lesions. Apply to the scalp 5 to 7 times a week.



                        Psoriasis Scalp Treatment



        In 3 ounces of lavender hydrolate, add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Shake well and add the following essential oils:



                   5 drops of Angelica root

                    3 drops of Cedarwood

                   5 drops of Lavender

                    3 drops of Rockrose



      Tightly cap in a dark, glass bottle. Turn the bottle over and gently mix the essential oils blend. Apply to the scalp with a cotton ball. Leave on the scalp at least 30 minutes before rinsing with the scalp and hair using lukewarm water. Enjoy a beautiful day or evening, creating a healthier, new you!










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