Blog 17- Petitgrain

Blog 17- Petitgrain


Petitgrain, Petitgrain bigarade, is the essential oil of green bitter orange leaves and twigs. The aroma has an herbaceous woody undertone with a fresh, orange blossom scent. The essential oil has a very intense odor, best used with a light touch.

            The scent is very tart and stimulating. A drop in an aroma blend can revitalize a combination that has lost its pizzazz. It is standard and a favorite aroma in colognes. Petitgrain is not a substitute for Neroli, orange blossom absolute or sweet orange essential oils. It stands alone as a perfume, cologne, and skincare essential oil par excellence.

            Petitgrain naturally stimulates the mind and supports memory. In contrast Neroli, is relaxing and calming to the nervous system. To enhance memory and concentration, Petitgrain blends well with Rosemary, lemon or lemongrass essential oils. These oils will support the tart odor of Petitgrain. The following aromas can use, especially by adults, to increase concentration time and enhance memory.


Petitgrain Blend


In one ounce of carrier oil, add:

            7 drops Petitgrain

            2 drops lemon peel or Lemongrass essential oils

            5 drops Rosemary

Bottle in a dark glass with a tightly fitted cap. Allow curing 1 hour before applying, turning the bottle over 1 to 2 times to combine the oils. Wear a few drops at the temples or on the nape of the neck.

            Petitgrain is a natural skin toner. It blends well with frankincense as a base note, and Lemongrass as a heart note to make a skin toner. Rose of any variety can be used for more sensitive or mature skin. Petitgrain is a high note, or also known as a head note. Another optional high note is Palmarosa, which hydrates dry skin and balances sebum secretions.


Balanced Skin Toner


In 2 ounces of aloe vera gel add:

            ½ ounce of witch hazel

            1 ½ ounces of distilled or spring water

            3 drops of Petitgrain

            2 drops Palmarosa, Cymbopogon martini (optional)

            2 drops frankincense

            2 drops of lemongrass

            4 drops Rose Otto or absolute of your choice (optional)

Tightly cap in a dark, glass bottle. Apply to clean skin 1 or 2 times daily.


 Petitgrain Cologne

 In four ounces of 190 proof alcohol add:

            8 drops Petitgrain.

            6 drops Bergamot, Citrus bergamia

            1 drop Benzoin, Styrax benzoin or S. Tonkinese's

            2 drops Cocoa, optional. It is very expensive.

            2 drops Tangerine

            2 drops Rose absolute or R Otto (Increase to 4 drops, as desired.)

            1 drop Geranium

            2 drops Ylang ylang extra or absolute.

Cap tightly in a dark glass bottle. Allow curing up to one month. The aromas will blend and change into one scent that will lift in multidimensional layers from your skin.

            Petitgrain has more than one source as an essential oil. Commercially, it can be produced from bitter orange, sweet orange, lemon and tangerine leaves, twigs and unripe fruit. The essential oil from bitter orange is very uplifting and is labeled Petitgrain bigarade. Petitgrain citron Mier, from the lemon tree calms nervousness. Tangerine, Petitgrain mandarinates soothes tension and rigidity. Petitgrain enhances some of the exotic spices aroma flavors. Use Petitgrain in blends that appreciate its tartness. The following ideas may spur your creative talents.

Massage Oil for the Tummy

Petitgrain marries well with coriander to reduce tummy troubles and nervous stomach. Massage the abdomen up to 3 times daily to reduce symptoms. See a health practitioner if symptoms prevail.

            In 4 ounces of warm carrier oil, add:

            12 drops of Coriander

            5 drops of Petitgrain

            3 drops of Sandalwood

Cap tightly in a dark, glass bottle. Turn the bottle from side to side a few times to mix well.

Chronic nerve pain blend


Petitgrain takes clove and clarysage to a heightened intensity in this blend. Massage areas, such as back, neck, and limbs to reduce discomfort. Use this blend three times daily. Patch test first to assure safety.

            In four ounces of Sesame oil add:

            8 drops of Clove

            4 drops of Petitgrain

            5 drops of Clary Sage

Cap tightly in a dark, glass bottle. Turn the bottle over three times to mix well. Store remaining blend in a cool, dark place. The aromas and healing qualities increase with time, even a few hours. Keep a blend ready in storage.

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