Common Symptoms of Lupus

Common Symptoms of Lupus


Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease of the connective tissue affecting the skin, nerves, joints, kidneys and mucosa. Symptoms and occurrence vary greatly. Intermittent fever, malaise, butterfly rash across the nose, joint pain and Raynaud’s are the most common symptoms. However, lupus can mimic many symptoms and diseases. Symptoms differ in many people.


The following symptoms are accompanies by Petite Fleur Aromahealthtexas suggestions:


1-Painful, swollen joints: No More Pain Lotion


2- Intermittent fever: Cold & Flu Petite Fleur , Elderberry herbal


3- Unusual hair loss, allopecia: Hair Growth aroma that heals, Rosemary ShampooMore Hair Complete Conditioner


4- Raynaud’s (cold blue fingers/toes): Circulation Booster Body LotionCirculationCirculate Aroma that Heals


5- Sensitivity to Sun: Environment, Protection Herbal AromaHealthTexas, Vitamin D3 1000, Lavender Lotion , Rose Gardenia Moisturizer Face Cream , Rose Nectar Moisturizing Spray 


6- Extreme Fatigue: FatigueEnergy


7- Swollen Glands and/or Fever: Cold & Flu Petite Fleur, Elderberry herbal, Echinacea Petite Fleur Herbal, Thyme Petite Fleur Herbal


8- Red Rashes, Mostly Facial: Comfrey Yarrow Healing Cream, Diuretic Herbal


9-Chest Pain with Deep Breathing: DecongestPenta Petite Fleur


10-Swollen Legs: Circulation Booster Body Lotion


11-Swelling around the Eyes: Sweet Annie under Eye Cream


12-Low Blood Count: Echinacea HerbalEchinacea Petite Fleur, Dianthus Petite Fleur Blend


13-Depression: SamE Petite Fleur CapsulesRed Rose Petite FleurHarmony Petite       FleurRelaxation, Deep Sleep Petite Fleur, Foti Herbal


14-Memory and Thinking: Clear Thinking, Melissa HerbalRecall Memory, Learning Skills


15-Nephrytis, Kidney Toxicity: DandelionDetox Petite Fleur, Juniper Berry Herbal, Siberian Ginseng Herbal


16-Vasculitis, Inflammation of Blood Vessels: Vascular HerbalYarrow Petite FleurLymph Flow Lotion


17-Blood Clot Risk: Dianthus Petite Fleur, Circulation Booster Body Lotion, Circulation Herbal


18-Pneumonia/leuritis: Cold & Flu Petite Fleur, DecongestStrong Lung Herbal, Cough Herbal


19-Anemia: Dianthus Petite Fleur, Liver Herbal


20-Low White Cells: GaillardiaBlue Aster Petite Fleur


21-nsomnia: Deep Sleep Petite Fleur


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