How Memories Heal You

How Memories Heal You


Long and short term memory, pleasant and sad, are all associated with smell and stored in the limbic brain. The limbic brain has the ability to balance our emotions, moods, creativity and motivation. It is designed to assure survival and continue the species through procreation. The limbic brain orchestrates and coordinates every experience with a particular smell and stores it as a memory.


Our memories can be used to enhance our state of health and catalyze healing. We can use aromas to increase endorphins from a good memory. Perhaps vanilla reminds you of happy family memories and rosemary reminds you of Grandma’s garden.


We can use aromas to create new feelings and memories today and everyday. Choose an aroma or blend you enjoy and experience the endorphin release when you inhale and apply it to your body. Touching your body with an aromatic blend is healing because we reinforce the mind/body experience. When we begin to experience life with our whole body, we are healing. Too often, we separate our conscious thinking from how our body feels. Often the body speaks to us through the autonomic nerve responses; heartbeat, breathing, digestion, body temperature, vasoconstriction and blood pressure, sweat and saliva, and the sensation of goose bumps.


We can strengthen the whole body experience and memory to improve our lifestyle and intellectual activity. Aromas that balance the mind/body connection include rosemary, lemongrass, basil, peppermint, marigold mint, lavender and lemon balm. Recall Memory , Enhanced Learning  , and Marigold Mint Healing Water are some of the available products.



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