Alzheimer's Research

Alzheimer’s Research


Mercury, one of the most toxic substances, is indicated as one of several causes leading to Alzheimer’s disease. Symptoms of Alzheimer’s are reproduced or accelerated by mercury. Mercury produces neurodegenerative disease especially as an inhalant. It is prevalent in many auto products and by-products of exhaust. Inadequate amounts of lipoic acid and B6 make mercury more available for tissue deposition.


In Alzheimer’s patients the mitochondria of brain cells are impaired and affect neuronal synapses adversely. This affects the energy and function of brain cells.


Detox , Environment , and Recall Memory are natural, organic products quickly affecting environmental and mercury toxicity created by Dr. Judy Griffin.


Environment protects against toxic and seasonal inhalants. 


Detox assists in removing toxins throughout the body. Assists in removing toxins throughout the body.


Recall Memory stimulates cognitive (short term) memory and thinking.


Clear Thinking is an herbal tonic drunk as a tea, promoting blood circulation to the brain.


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