Recall and Memory


One third of the adult population experiences a decline in memory and recall. Cognitive skills begin to decline during the 20’s and 30’s. By 27, certain abstract reasoning, brain speed and puzzle solving abilities begin a descent. Hormones or lack of them may also lead to progressive memory loss, an inability for memory recall and cognitive dysfunction. Currently twenty four million people suffer from dementia worldwide. 


The sense of smell can be trained to enhance memory and cognitive function. Natural aromas, free of commercial chemical scents, awaken vital energy to strengthen and heal the body, so it remembers how to stay well. Memories, moods and smells are stored in the limbic or olfactory brain in the form of electrical impulses. Our brain uses scent to recall a memory of who we like, what we like to eat, what we like to do and what is important to remember.


Recall Memory is used to strengthen memory and intellectual activity. I designed as a spray or topical concentrate to be used in hospitals, clinics and eldercare. The effects Begin immediately and continue to increase over weeks and months of use.


Learning Skills especially helps ADHD children and adults, as well as those establishing greater study skills. It wakes up the brain, allows more focus and settles the student for longer study time and test scores.


ADD/ADHD blend helps attention deficit, hyperactive and autistic children with better school work, verbal and social skills.


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