Echinacea Root

Echinacea Root: Immune Stimulant and Flower Essence

By Dr. Judy Griffin


Echinacea Root (Echinacea purpura) is a Native American herb discovered and used medicinally by ancient Native American tribes. A 3 to 5 year old echinacea root stimulates the white blood cells to enhance a natural immune response. Native Americans used echinacea root as a natural antibiotic and blood purifier. Natives chewed the roots, which have a very acrid taste, and applied the root and saliva to snakebites and open wounds. Echinacea root removes metabolic waste and toxins from the wound and bloodstream, preventing further infection and poisons.


I organically grow and tincture echinacea root, a native plant of Texas, for use during chemotherapy. A liquid tincture of echinacea root stimulates the natural immune response of red and white blood cells. Echinacea root enhances the immunity of those receiving most chemotherapy agents. The reason I organically grow and tincture echinacea root is to assure that the root is at least 3 years old before processing. Commercial echinacea is often processed from roots only 1 year old, not enough to be medicinal. Echinacea is often grown in rain forests, which have very low soil density. Echinacea root needs deep soil, several inches deep, to produce a quality medicinal product. Echinacea root must be harvested in the fall, washed, sliced, and tinctured or dried for future use.


I tincture echinacea root in alcohol. Alcohol extraction produces a quality medicinal product. The alcohol will dissipate when added to boiled water and sipped as a tea. Echinacea root tincture reduces cold and flu symptoms, inflammation-such as prostatitis and cystitus. (See Mother Nature’s Herbal.)


Native Americans also chewed Echinacea root to increase digestion of starches. The root tastes so acrid, I suggest sipping a dilution of tincture with meals. 


I demonstrated the taste of Echinacea root by offering a sip of boiled root to my adult students from a local university. The tea tasted so strong, it puckered their lips and they all ran for a drink of water.


I use the flower of Echinacea for topical use to stimulate and clarify thought processes. It especially helps those who cannot find their way with a problem. Echinacea Petite Fleur Essence is described in The Healing Flowers and Flowers that Heal.


Multiple medicinal recipes using Echinacea root are available in Mother Nature’s Herbal, and Mother Nature’s Kitchen. Both books also offer garden instructions and ways to tincture a natural antibiotic and blood purifier from Echinacea root. 


Seek medical advice for help. For more information go to or call Dr Judy Griffin at 1-800-496-2125


Grow in Peace. 


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