Protection Herbal: An Adaptagen That Can Reduce Stress

Protection Herbal: an Adaptagen that can Reduce Stress


Protection Herbal is an adaptagen that can reduce stress naturally by increasing resistance against disease and restoring vital organ functions. Protection Herbal helps protect against damage from alcohol, pollutants, heavy metal and infectious agents in several ways. Protection Herbal helps neutralize free radicals and toxins, enhances blood sugar regulation and storage of glycogen and protein metabolism. Increasing liver function helps regulate bile,cholesterol, clotting factors, and hormone regulation. The liver stores minerals and vitamins, enhances cognitive function and can minimize anxiety and depression. Liver protection affects age related illness such as late or adultonset diabetes, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular disease.


With over 900 known drugs producing liver damage and 70,000 industrial chemicals* affecting our environment,Protection Herbal assists the liver optimally perform over 300 functions. Protection Herbal helps reduce chemicals that can injure the liver. 

(*U.S. EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxic Chemical Hazard Study, Washington, D.C. April 1998.)


Over the counter drugs also stress liver function. Popular pain relievers, such as acetaminophen are the main cause of liver failure in the United States.** (** Chun, Tong, Busuttil, Hiatt: Clinical Gastroenterol, 2009: Acetaminophenhepatoxicity and acute liver failure.) Many drugs that are potential hepatoxins are not monitored for potential liver damage.


 Protection Herbal contains milk thistle (sylmarin***), astralagus, siberian ginseng, and polygonum multiflora (foti) to assist, protect and energize liver function. (*** The use of Sylmarin in the Treatment of Liver Diseases, Drugs, 2001.) High quality tinctured siberian ginseng, astralagus and foti are adaptagens that reduce stress and increase resistance to many diseases. (Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database.) The combination of these liver adaptagens potentize their effects to increase cardiovascular and liver health, reduce artheriosclerosis, dementia, andcognitive decline, and the severity and duration of Herpes 2 and common cold infection. Protection Herbal adaptagens should be taken within 72 hours of exposure to infection, possibly increasing resistance by daily ingestion.


Seek medical advice for help.


For more information on adaptagens and liver health, see Mother Nature’s Herbal and Flowers that Heal by Dr. Judy Griffin.


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