Aromatherapy Love Notes

Love Notes

Everyone has a unique scent they carry throughout life. This scent originates genetically just like a peach or an apple, enhancing our reproductive, social and maternal or paternal behavior. The people and experiences we attract are often determined by our unique odor.

The Antique Rose love note enfleurages attract the people who can be trusted into your intimate circle of friends and lovers. They carry the spiritual nature of the Petites as well as the soul of each rose. Antique roses are cuttings from the roses imported to the West at least 150 years ago from the Orient. They contain the original immune system of the most ancient roses, as well as the genetic memory of the history of man. Wear 2 drops of these love notes topically on the heart chakra. They can also be combined with essential oils and flower essences and applied topically or diluted in an atomizer and misted. Use 2 drops per ¼ cup of water.

Men may enjoy combining Antique Rose enfleurages with sage, lavender, and curry essential oils or other Petite Fleur Essences.


Alfredo de Damas is a fragrant cabbage rose encouraging self-healing and attracting love from others. A friend and teacher studying to be a principal wears it in combination with rosemary and vanilla essence in the classroom to improve student/teacher relationships.


Lady Eubanksia promotes the compassion of a safe, encouraging trust from others. It is often worn by teachers and lecturers, as well as lovers.


Fortune’s Double Yellow has a subtle scent that quiets internal chatter and dispels loneliness. Wear it to reduce anxiety or jealousy about a lover.


Old Blush has a tea rose fragrance that sustains energy and enthusiasm to warm the cold heart of a lover.


Rose Gardenia has a subtle scent meant to fulfill the heart’s desires. This rose was parented by an ancient China rose and heralding the age of climbing roses.



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