Organic Steam Distilled Essential Oils

Produced to be Pure
by Dr. Judy Griffin
I organically grow, steam distill and produce pure essential oils without hexane. I make blends with AromaHealthTexas organic essential oils for layman and patients in hospitals and clinics. The herbs are organically grown onsite and steam distilled, with the essential oil being separated by glass. This process avoids the use of hexane - a toxic chemical solvent. My AromaHealthTexas blends are used with stem cell and bone marrow transplant patients, as well as other patients being administered chemotherapy treatments. These blends are used before and after surgery by hospitals, and also used with sickle cell, chronic pain, pulmonary, cardiac, ADD/ADHD, voice therapy, gynecology, obstetrics, weight, chemically dependent, and allergy patients to reduce nausea, stress, anxiety, pain, fatigue, memory and enhance healing. The Healing Power of Flowers documents many aromatherapy complimentary care uses in an hour long program, that airs on television and is available for direct ordering on my website, 
Hexane is a petrochemical product. obtained from raw crude oil. used by many manufacturers to extract essential oils. Their products may be labeled organic due to their coming from plants. (Currently there are no organic labeling standards for personal care products.)   Hospitals and clinics prefer to avoid essential oils extracted using hexane. Hexane produces a metabolite that causes cross linking of proteins and amino acids. This leads to degradation of the peripheral nerves in the arms and legs called peripheral neuropathy, Other common symptoms of inhaling hexane is nauseaheadachespoor coordination and atrophy of skeletal muscles. Although hexane may be cooked off, the effects can be dangerous to sensitive and immune compromised individuals. Hexane is used as a solvent to manufacture canola oil.     
I began steam distilling my organically frown herbs and roses after giving birth to immune compromised twins. They were more responsive to application of herbs and their oils on the skin. The skin is the largest immune organ and the first line of defense against toxins and allergens. Everything that is touched their skin had to be pure. I also fed them organic foods, often home grow by their father. The twins built immunity to overcome 105 degree fevers, asthma and anaphylactic shock to become the healthiest children at school and very environmentally friendly adults. By the time the twins showed definite improvement, my youngest child lost half his hearing at 2 years old. I was told it was irreversible nerve damage. I immediately began application of my essential oils and Petite Fleur essences and my son’s hearing returned to 100% in 3 weeks! Nature provided a self-healing therapy for all of my children. I promised to make these products available for others to enjoy for radiant health and pleasure.
Aromatherapy is a safe and effective complimentary therapy for health and beauty. It is the oldest art and science of holistic healing. Inhalation of pure essential oils changes brain chemistry in 1/100th of a second. Application of AromaHealthTexas essential oil products increases circulation, lymphatic detoxification and relaxation of muscles, nerves and tissues within minutes. I tell my clients and patients, “the nose knows.” If you enjoy the aroma, your body will enjoy the healing effects.
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