Rosemary - An Herb to Remember



            Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis, is the herb of festivities.  Historically, rosemary was used by Egyptians for ritual cleansing, healing and spiritual treatment.  Other cultures used rosemary at births, weddings, processions and deaths to celebrate every cycle of life.  It remains an herb of friendship and love.  Rosemary was even used to attract friendly ghosts.

            The essential oil of rosemary strengthens the physical body, clears the head and unblocks unresolved emotions.  An essential oil blend moves, drives and clears energy.  Its action is warming, especially increasing circulation and reducing high blood sugar in diabetics.  Rosemary blends with a wide variety of essential oils affecting many conditions and diseases.  The high odor intensity does not make it useful in perfumery.  However, if the aroma is appealing, it can be combined with synergistic essential oils into a favorite blend. Rosemary does not blend well with lavender aromatically.  They tend to cancel each other’s scent.  Also, rosemary is not recommended in high doses for pregnant women or epileptics.  Children do not respond to the pine scent of rosemary.  It may encourage over activity.  A small amount infused into a room may aid concentration.  Use cautiously.  One drop may be sufficient.

            Previously, rosemary has been featured to improve hair growth, balancing combination skin and reducing acne.  Its refreshing scent enhances short term memory and increases endorphins.  Medicinally, rosemary is one of the best herbs to enhance circulation.  Many problems may resolve, including sciatic pain, gout, muscular and rheumatic pain. Arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular problems respond well to rosemary massage oils.  Warm compresses may be applied to the right side to reduce hepatic and gallbladder problems. Cirrhosis or hardening of the liver has also responded over time to daily or weekly compresses.  Since it also stimulates the central nervous system, rosemary benefits those who have lost some of their smell, speech and eyesight.  I highly recommend a rosemary facial sprit, or shampoo to increase energy in the morning and reduce the use of caffeine.  I have used it to reduce vertigo in clients, lethargy and even partial paralysis.


            Gastrointestinal problems can be aided with a rosemary bath or blend.  Symptoms include diarrhea, colitis and colic.  Rosemary’s antiseptic and antispasmodic properties enhance bile flow and reduce digestive complaints.  It especially helps a “nervous, anxious” stomach.                         

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