Aromatherapy: How Aromas Heal

How Aromas Heal
Aromas heal through the complex and sensitive sense of smell. Aroma molecules are so tiny we cannot see them. Yet, the olfactory receptors in the nose transmit this information directly to the brain via hairlike cilia moving the aromatic molecule to the front of the cerebrum of the brain. The aroma molecules then move across nerve synapses to the olfactory tract. The information is then sent to the cerebral cortex of the brain that detects scent. This portion of the brain initiates the sense of smell... all in 1/100th of a second! The olfactory nerves are able to regenerate so those suffering from loss of smell can usually be helped with aromatherapy.
What is unique about the sense of smell? It is the only sense with direct access to the brain.   Once an olfactory receptor identifies an odor, nerves send this information directly to the limbic part of the brain. The aroma triggers a memory, the memory triggers a behavior or emotion identified with the odor.
The limbic brain also works with the endocrine glands in the brain, the pineal and hypothalamus to regulate hormone production. Aromas positively affect appetite control, insulin production, metabolism, stress, sex drive, and body temperature. Only fragrant odors pass directly to the limbic system by the electrical impulses of the olfactory nerves. Offensive or unusual odors are filtered through the cerebral cortex of the brain, which processes new information.
The limbic olfactory brain releases neurotransmitters that reduce pain, release sexual and “feel good’ endorphin sensations. Motivation, inner feelings, moods, depression, memory, creativity and aversion to others are all regulated by the limbic brain.
Smell is so important that we develop a unique smell in the womb. We live our lives attracting and repelling people, animals and insects by our unique scent. Our scent can be enhanced by pleasant fragrances and essential oils. Our unique scent is like an individual snowflake. Essential oils can enhance without changing the unique pattern.
Our inherent health is related to our immune systems and derived from the unique scent. When essential oils are inhaled, they enter the lungs and attach to the oxygen rich molecules that circulate throughout the bloodstream. As they are delivered to individual cells, the aromas assist in self-healing. 
Essential oil molecules have physical shapes and sizes as well as scent. Fragrant aromas, such as rose essential oil, have a floral disc shape. Mint and citrus aroma molecules have a wedge shape and resins, such as vanilla or sandalwood, have a round shape. As with aromas, every illness has a unique odor. In hospitals, clinics and private practice, I create aromas to help heal imbalances.
The essential oils and flower essences I grow and manufacture have antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. As the aromas circulate throughout the bloodstream, they work as antioxidants and preserve the texture of the skin.
When applied to the skin, diluted into a carrier oil, lotion or shampoo, essential oils initiate T killer cell immune function, lymphatic drainage and support connective tissue.  The skin is a dynamic organ, regenerating every 28 days and is the largest immune organ. It is also the largest detoxifying organ, breaking down chemical and environmental toxins to extend the life of cells. Essential oil products work synergistically to cleanse, protect, soften and preserve the skin.
Inside the body, the healing aromas help the immune system destroy foreign cells. Then, they increase lymphatic drainage to remove debris from the body. Essential oils that have been inhaled or applied to the skin can be detected in the urine 2-3 hours later.
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