Love Notes - Solid Fragrances

Love Notes - Solid Fragrances


Joyful   The most fragrant scent of Orange Blossom combines with the herbaceous aroma of lavender and labdanun to produce the most anti-depressant, euphoric and uplifting perfume. The experience is warm, deep and soothing; a gentle and erotic blend.


Sensual   Intriguing and sultry, this blend appeals to both sexes of all ages. Provencal Lavender, Clary Sage, Jasmine and Bois de Rose are captured and slowly released by a touch of Patchouli; a powerful aphrodisiac. The aroma builds stamina, strength and patience to achieve the highest goals. This blend also encourages rehabilitation from chronic pain from injury and debilitating illness. It has a building affect after chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. The aroma also helps treat male impotence and low libido, stress headaches and muscle tension. Use this blend in times of crisis, pressure at home or at work. A relaxing layer of essences makes this a great blend for workaholics and ‘Supermoms.’ note: Bois de Rose is not a rose or a rose scent.


Serene Spirit   A soothing, centering, grounding and meditative blend also aiding focus and attention. The resins of Vetiver and Rockrose reinforce innate strength and promote stability. The addition of Sandalwood and Frankincense enhance intuition, guidance and clarity; a calming blend for busy minds. This is a great antidote for scattered energy. A hint of Chamomile will relax the body while the refreshing light lemon scent of Litsea Cubeba enhances concentration. The blend also aids memory, learning skills requiring mental and physical tasks, repetitive tasks, writing skills and meditation.


Custom blends are available from a wide range of natural perfumery absolutes, concretes and essential oil to accent your chemistry and create a ravishing scent and precious memory.


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