Helpful Plants in the Garden

Helpful Plants in the Garden


Remedies from the garden include aloe and lavender to heal burns when applied topically. Rose Oil Skin Therapy is also good for burns.


To prevent or alleviate colds and flu, make a tea with sage, thyme, tea tree and basil leaves. Cold & Flu spray is another option.


Fevers are cooled by spearmint tea.


Headaches respond best to rosemary or lavender compresses on the forehead and back of the neck. Recall Memory and Rosemary Shampoo are aromahealthtexas products containing rosemary.


For insomnia, make a strong chamomile tea with lemon balm at lease 30 minutes before bedtime or dilute a tincture of Valerian root. To relax, sip a tea of catnip leaves. Sweet Dreams is another option.  


Try an after dinner cup of fennel seed or peppermint leaf tea Increase digestion.


For a natural diuretic, make a tea of fresh parsley and dandelion leaves. 


To reduce the toxic effects of pollution make a strong cilantro tea and add cilantro leaves to soups and salsas. Environment and Detox are other options to help the body with detoxification.


For mental stimulation, make a tincture of ginko leaves in the fall. Add lemon balm leaves to enhance stimulation.


For bruises and cracked skin, compress with a tea of comfrey and yarrow leaves. Comfrey Yarrow Healing Cream is a prepared cream for this purpose. 


Diabetes responds well to cinnamon, cinnamon basil and fenugreek seeds.


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