Outdoor Home Feng Shui

Feng Shui in the Garden


Your garden is a living field of energy that affects you and your home in many ways.


Leave the entry to the door open. Enhancement feng shui spray is also good for increasing energy around the entryway.


Welcome fragrant, vibrant energy near the front door with pink and red plants. This is good if your front door has a southern, southeastern or southwestern exposure.


If your door faces north, or for the north side of your yard, use blues and purples.


For the western exposure, use white. All white flowers indicate mourning.


Create a winding path to slow down good energy.


Cover the east and southeast with blooms for wealth.


The left side of the front door, facing from inside the house looking out is a good placement for a water feature.


Having water on both sides or around the house equal tears and loss. 


Gates are best on the left side of the house when looking out from the front door. Gates should be high and solid. A higher center of a gate indicates all goals achieved.


Trees should not be opposite the front door. Keep willow trees away from the house.


As you come into the garden, create soft curves, chairs for relaxing, hand wind chimes, running water and attract birds, bees, and butterflies with nectar producing flowering plants.


Pools weaken the balance of good energy. Surround pools with rock gardens. Paint yogurt on the rocks to grow moss for good luck, grow narcissus, mums, peonies and magnolias. Begonias and viburnum have both yin and yang qualities.


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Flowers that Heal has more information on aromatherapy and plants. 


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