Feng Shui in the Home

Feng Shui for the Home


Every time you eat, you enact an ancient ritual. The kitchen is where the heart of the family is kept alive. The stove is the most important place in the kitchen. There is an intimate connection between the stove, food, wealth and health. 


More burners on the stove lead to more wealth in the home. Rotate burners to unlock money flow. An unclean stove reduces wealthy.


Add light to the kitchen. The kitchen window should reveal a beautiful scene. Create one if needed.


Keep knives and sharp items out of sight.


Keep cooking herbs close by and vegetables in a nearby garden.


A happy chef creates a happy family. If the stove faces away from entry doors, the cook can be startled and ruin the ambiance of the meal. Place a mirror behind the stove so the chef can see behind him. Otherwise keep mirrors out of the kitchen.


The dining room is blessed with abundant meals when a mirror is placed across from the table.


Hang a wind chime or crystal between the stove and entry door to the kitchen and dining rooms to correct and enhance the flow of energy. Clearing is a good feng shui room spray for this purpose and also for clutter in a room.


The four Feng Shui Sprays available at aromahealthtexas are:




Harmonize and Balance

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