Bone Pain Aromatherapy / Bone Cancer Aromatherapy

Bone Pain Aromatherapy

Bone pain may occur from chemotherapy or cancer in the bone.  Our bone pain aromatherapy products can help.  Stop Hurting can be applied locally to reduce pain and subsequent muscle spasm. Stop Suffering essence blend is helpful in reducing any pain. Apply every 15 to 30 minutes to reduce the intensity and/or provide relief. Stop Suffering is most helpful when applied to the sides of the neck or to the back of the inner ear. Both pain aromatherapy products may be safely used with pain medications.

When cancer metastasizes to the bone, painful fractures can occur.  Stop Suffering essence blend and  Stop Hurting will help reduce the symptoms. A brace and pain medication may be prescribed by your physician. The pain aromatherapy essence blend and lotion will be compatible with any medications.

Bone injury and fractures can cause nerve pain if the bone presses on the nerves. The Stop Hurting and Stop Suffering blend will reduce symptoms. Cervical pain on or near the neck may respond best to Relax the Shoulders lotion. The pain aromatherapy essences and essential oils are sedating, which many experience most comforting for the neck. Relax the Shoulders is compatible with the Stop Suffering blend and they may be worn simultaneously.

Muscle pain can occur from chemotherapy drugs, bone & nerve compression, or compensatory action of muscle groups. These conditions may lead to soreness and spasms. Circulation Booster Lotion and Stop Hurting are best to alleviate symptoms. Alternate lotions, 1 in the morning, another at midday, then dinnertime and before bed. Stop Suffering blend can be applied throughout the day. Warm packs may be applied on the painful area immediately after the lotions for up to 15 minutes. Consider increasing foods high in magnesium, such as corn products, nuts, green vegetables and local honey. Foods high in potassium may also help: oranges, apples and their juice, watermelon, melons, juicy fruits and bananas. (See Slice of Life Nutrition and Dietary Manual.)

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