Angina Pectoris

Angina pectoris causes severe spasmodic pain due to decreased blood supply. The pain radiates through the shoulder and down the arm. A crushing pain also affects the chest. Circulation Booster lotion applied onto the chest, shoulders and down the arm increases circulation and may reduce pain. Medications, such as nitroglycerine, are compatible with Circulation Booster. Seek medical attention if angina symptoms occur. Manage Pain blend will help reduce symptoms. Severe chest pain, occurring with exercise, may be due to heart disease. Seek medical attention immediately. Circulation Booster lotion, applied to the chest and upper back, will increase circulation and ease constriction.

Burning pain may be caused by neuralgia, skin lesions or herpes zoster. Relax the Shoulders lotion may be applied to areas of pain due to skin lesions and herpes breakouts.

Peripheral pain, travels down the arms and legs, apply Lymph Flow lotion on the affected limbs, massaging gently. Begin at the fingers or toes and move up the limb to improve circulation.

Myasthenia Gravis causes muscle weakness and fatigue, without muscle wasting. This is caused by a lack of acetylcholine neurotransmitter, or excess of cholinesterase at the myoneural junction. Nerve impulses fail and the muscles do not contract. Muscles in the face and neck are primarily involved, causing an expressionless face. The Energy and Fatigue blends can reduce symptoms. Circulation Booster, applied to the legs and arms, can enhance blood flow to reduce weakness. Energy blend, applied to the neck and throat may help those having problems chewing, swallowing and talking.

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