Every 34 seconds, and American dies from heart disease. Cardiovascular death occurs equally in men and women today. The progression of plaque formation can begin early, stealing years of health as we age. Research is proving many self healing cures are more successful than some of the pharmaceutical drugs that lower cholesterol. Many of these self healing cures are also compatible with modern drugs. 

Several factors affect cardiovascular health, such as diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, hormone imbalance and nutritional health. Here are several essences designed to promote longevity and heart health:

Reduce Stress helps regulate blood pressure and anxiety with rapid, irregular heartbeat. It aids in reducing high cortisol levels and damaging stress hormones. 

Circulation booster lotion enhances circulation and blood flow.

Soapwort Petite fleur Essence detoxifies cholesterol. 

Louis Phillipe antique rose activates receptor sites enhancing cardiovascular flow and reduces a feeling of hopelessness that may accompany heart disease.

Weight () addresses obesity and metabolic syndrome.

 Dr. Griffin's nutritional assessment catalyzes the body's natural ability to heal and recover from illness and stress.  


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