Aromatherapy Testimonial

A friend gave me the Clearing and the Harmonize and Balance feng shui sprays for my birthday several years ago.  There was much turmoil going on in my house so I started regularly using the sprays.  At first, other family members were skeptical about their effectiveness until they each experienced how quickly tempers subsided and a sense of calm returned to our home.  My husband was expecting a very difficult time at his office.  So he used the Reduce Stress and said he was able to approach matters calmly throughout the day.   When my grandchildren are here, they too experience the benefit of your aromatherapy products.  The Reduce Stress, Deep Sleep, Abate Anger and a variety of your essential oils are a wonderful addition to our home.  Thank you for making such great aromatherapy products.  They work well. -TRX
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