Motivation and the Courage to Move Forward in Life

Motivation and the Courage to Move Forward in Life


Lack of motivation and drive is often non-responsive to current medication and supplementation. It is a primary complaint with depressed and passive personalities.


Petite Fleur Tiger’s Jaw is a topical essence that aids in overcoming inertia for the personality that observes more than participates in life. The personality may be immobilized by fear rather than being lazy or procrastination.


Petite Fleur Tiger’s Jaw will catalyze creative behavior and put thoughts into action. It is a non-scented essence that can be worn on the wrist or on the neck 3x daily for maximum effect. Change is normally apparent within 3 weeks. For depression, add Harmony and Passion blends.


If the personality is unable to access innate wisdom for guidance, Bamboo Petite Fleur Essence will help with direction and planning activities and goals. It can be applied within seconds of Tiger’s Jaw on unbroken skin.


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