Additional Benefits of Female Serenity

Other benefits of Female Serenity include improved circulation, balanced blood pressure, more energy and a serene disposition. Female Serenity raises the pain threshold using herbs that reduce spasms, inflammatory responses and detoxify the liver. Immune stimulation of white and T-helper and suppressor cells help reduce excess fluid in the lower body and blood sugar regulations are often experienced. Please do not use Female Serenity during pregnancy. 


Over 60% of the U.S female population experience hormonal symptoms and many can be helped using Female Serenity, which is an organic product using certified organic herbs, including Angelica senesis, Rehmannia glutinosa cooked, Paeonia alba, Astragalus membranacus, Agnus Cactus, Jujube red date, Buplerum, and Polygonum multiflora. I brew Female Serenity up to 24 hours before preparing the final tonic. Learn more about longevity female herbals from Mother Nature’s Herbal and Flowers that Heal


For references of the healing qualities of herbs: Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database.


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