Female Serenity is a Herbal Tonic

 Female Serenity is a longevity herbal tonic, enhancing a long productive life. A longevity tonic is building, the longer you use it the more it can help you. Female Serenity provides nutrients to encourage natural bodily functions and balance the emotions. Longevity tonics are not formulated for acute conditions, such as blinding headaches, fever, nausea and vomiting. Seek medical help if acute conditions occur. Female Serenity is most beneficial combined with a balanced diet, exercise, massage and aromatherapy. Women taking estrogen blockers should not use Female Serenity. I have formulated another herbal called Clear Thinking that also helps reduce memory and menopausal symptoms. Female Serenity and Clear Thinking are liquids dosed by drops diluted into hot water to be taken as a tea. As little as one drop and up to 15 drops may be used 3 times daily.
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