Osteoporosis is decreased bone density, leading to fractures and pain. Thirty percent of women over 65 have osteoporosis. A small percentage of older men have osteoporosis. Hormone deficiencies, lower mobility and exercise reduce bone density and strength. Calcium alone has little effect increasing bone density. Most calcium supplements are not well absorbed. Calcium carbonate is chalk. It is a better antacid than calcium supplement. I use an hydroxy appetit well absorbed form of calcium with synergistic minerals and strontium, a potent bone builder.

A natural form of vitamin D3 enhances healthy bones and teeth. Recent studies confirm low levels of vitamin D in adults throughout North America. If you are in sunlight daily, vitamin D is only absorbed through the skin several hours after exposure. Most sunbathers and workers wash vitamin D off before it is absorbed. Vitamin D3 can repair osteoporotic bones tissue much faster than calcium. Vitamin D3 is well absorbed, especially in combination with Vitamin K2.

Calcium utilization is linked to Vitamin K2. This nutrient prevents bone loss, repairs weakness and removes calcium plaque from arterial walls, also promoting cardiovascular health. The most bioavailable form is Menaquinone-7 or MK-7.

Natural phyto-hormones are available and easily assimilated in my Female Serenity formula. Plant hormones are safe and effective for use with osteoporosis and natural hormone therapy. They work with estrogen, progesterone and testosterone receptors in a lock and key format. If the body requires the hormone, it is delivered to the receptor site. Otherwise, the herbs work as a blood cleanser to removed toxins and metabolic waste from the body. The amount of actual hormone is 1/400th of a pharmaceutical dose, a level that will not build toxicity in the body. Female Serenity is a liquid, which allows the dose to be tailored to an individual’s needs. Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are necessary to build and repair strong bones in women in small amounts.

Female Serenity is enhanced with a tincture of polygonum multiflorum, fo ti. This root has a 5000 year history of use for building strong bones. I offer it alone for women who are hormone positive breast cancer survivors. it is also in a liquid form for dose management. Fo ti tincture is a potent energizing herb, more popular in the Orient than ginseng for longevity.

Therapeutic blends also enhance bone density and promote healthy bones. Inner Strength formula has increased bone density for individuals without the use of medications or calcium supplementation. Female Balance is another therapeutic blend used to help women balance and utilize natural hormones. It is used alone to reduce menopausal PMS, painful menses and endometriosis symptoms. Both formulas can be applied topically to pulse points on the neck and wrist or directly on a low bone density area.

Bone pain and subsequent muscle spasms can be prevented and reduced with daily application of the No More Pain and Pain Management lotions. Apply directly to the affected area twice daily of each lotion. Manage Pain therapeutic blend may be worn on the affected, neck or wrist to reduce and relieve pain and the stressors associated with pain.

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