Allergies, Eczema and Aromatherapy

Allergies, Eczema and Aromatherapy

Allergic eczema is the most common skin disease, often beginning early in life. One in 5 children of industrial countries is affected by this red, inflamed itchy skin. It is usually followed by a host of allergies to food, animals and the environment.   Aromatherapy is a topical way to deal with these issues. 

Recent research indicates a mutation of the filaggrin gene is often involved with children suffering with eczema. Filaggrin is a protein involved with the formation and hydration of a protective layer of skin. Mutations in the gene create dry, flaky skin unable to form an effective barrier from foreign irritants. These “allergens” pass through this porous layer of skin producing an allergic response and resulting in eczema. Afterwards, these same materials, or allergens will also produce an allergic reaction in the lungs or in the coryza skin of the nasal tissue only because the skin was unable to maintain a strong barrier during the initial exposure. The natural skin barrier must be repaused to avoid continuous allergic responses and more eczema. 

Comfrey Yarrow: healing cream protects and hydrates dry, cracked skin, allowing the body to remove dead cells and regenerate healthy skin.

Allergy: aids in reducing allergic responses to common allergies as a topical application or spray.

Decongest: reduces sinus and chest congestion.

Vitamin D: enhances immune response to reduce allergic and asthmatic reactions.         

Inner Strength: (builds character during adverse situations) enhances a strong protective immune response.

Detox: safely removes toxins without uncomfortable symptoms.

Recovery: enhances healing ensuring a quick recovery.

Regenerate: reduces scarring and promotes healthy skin.

Harmony: balances and regulates immune response, reduces “weather” symptoms.

Fatigue: reduces fatigue and pain enhancing mitochondria response to produce energy.

Limeade Lotion: antiseptic qualities to protect the skin and prevent scarring.

Mother Nature’s Kitchen: home remedies and guide to organic gardening and recipes to enjoy the harvest.

Very often the thyroid can be adversely affected by even low levels of radiation in the air. 

Toxic Thyroid can be applied on the throat 2-3x daily

Environmental is also very protective for the skin and for inhalants

****We carry potassium iodine tablets: 130 milligrams for adults, 65 milligrams for children is suggested during exposure.


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