Allergy & The Enviroment

Environmental toxins critically affect brain chemistry.  Reactions include severe allergic symptoms, cold and flu symptoms, muscle andjoint pain, headaches, sinusitis, hives, rashes, eczema, gastrointestinal and genitourinary disorders, thyroid, neurological and fertility problems.

Petroleum based products cause nervous and immune system attrition, impairing DNA expression, accelerating gene loss and weakening detoxification process.  Household and lawn care products accelerate aging of the immune and nervous system.  These chemicals are not tested by the government.  Chemical companies test their products and send the results to the EPA.  Health risks reported in medical journals include genetic damage, cancer, neurotoxins, danger to children, unborn children and marine life.

Organically grown aromatic products can begin to change these reactions in 1/100th of a second. Continuous daily use improves metabolic and immune responses and lessens. 

           Cold & Flu wards off virus symptoms.  

          Allergy  reduces allergic triggers and builds immunity.                                               

          Decongest stops headaches and sinusitis


          Comfrey Yarrow Healing Antiseptic Cream reduces muscle and joint pain.


          Toxic Thyroid reduces metabolic stress and subsequent weight problems.


          Environment  protects against exposure to pollutants and chemical sensitivity.


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