Yucca Root for Arthritis, Hyperlipidemia and Rheumatic Pain

Yucca Root for Arthritis, Hyperlipidemia and Rheumatic Pain

by Dr. Judy Griffin


Yucca root (Liliacea species) is a desert plant, Native Americans used for arthritis and rheumatic pain. Desert tribes split the yucca root in two and allowed the root to dry. The dried yucca root was ground into a powder and boiled in water and drunk to alleviate arthritic and rheumatic pain. Collect the roots in the fall.


Arthritic pain is usually local, in a joint, hip, or back. Rheumatic pain can move as the inflammation travels. Yucca root contains natural, vegetable steroids that assist the body in reducing inflammation that causes pain. The high saponin concentrations may suppress intestinal flora involved in joint inflammation.  Yucca root also contains polyphenolics, such as resveratrol, which reduces inflammation and increases longevity by reducing inflammatory nitric oxide. The root also reduces free radicals that cause inflammation. The white colored, inner yucca root has the highest saponin content.


Yucca root forms complexes with abnormal bowel flora making them inert. The soapy-like texture of saponins binds fats in the intestinal tract, reducing LDL’s, cholesterols, and triglycerides. Yucca root also binds ammonia in the colon, reducing liver stress and toxicity, especially from high protein/high fat diets. If constipation is involved with pain or high lipids, yucca root will quickly help correct the imbalance. constipation can be involved in arthritic conditions. Pro-inflammatory microorganisms often interact with intestinal waste to create an environment of illness.


Intestinal microbes are being linked by scientists to many medical conditions, such as cancers, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes and chronic inflammatory illness. Arthritis and Rheumatism are created from chronic inflammatory processes. Medicine and even chemo-agents of the future will be or include helpful intestinal bacteria related to a specific illness. These beneficial bacteria may be synthesized from plants such as yucca root, also known as the cassava, manioc or mandioca.


Yucca root is consumed in Africa, Asia, Mexico, South and Central America as a food, boiled steamed or dried and ground into flour.


I tincture a Yucca root herbal, which is a liquid. An alcoholic extraction draws out the medicinal properties into the liquid. The Yucca Root tincture is then diluted in hot water, 15 to 30 drops, and drunk twice daily. The alcohol dissipates in hot water. Yucca root is not recommended for pregnant women.


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