What will help motivate me?

I am a woman who will be 65 in a few months, due to a heart problem I have been pretty (try absolutely!) sedentary for the past year, giving me a perfect excuse for living off of fast foods, which I always found some excuse to do anyway before the heart problem flared up!
My husband and I are both extremely overweight, causing all the problems that go along with this. My personal weight gain does not come from overeating, snacking, eating a gallon of ice cream or a bag of potato chips; through much soul searching I have discovered that I have an actual aversion to cooking.
I don’t know what type of blend to turn to for this problem, I just know I have to overcome it and get our eating habits back in control, and this has to begin with me in the kitchen finding a love of preparing food for the two of us.
The heart problem was worked on this past month, and after a few more weeks I can slowly begin to find me an exercise program that will ease me out of lying on my couch for a year!
There is absolutely no use in exercising thou if you don’t eat properly. I probably can look back at my life and see how this aversion developed, but that doesn’t help take care of where I am at now.
Is there an aroma health product that can help me? - Leslee
Passion for a love to accomplish a goal and Tigers Jaw Cactus for the motivation.
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