Aromatherapy for Obesity



Obesity affects 30% of the population in at least 9 U.S. states. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention sites high caloric foods and a sedentary lifestyle for this epidemic. The medical cost is estimated at $147 billion dollars for weight related illnesses.


There are many other reasons for obesity. The Petite Fleur Essences Weight blend helps emotional and physical factors affected by obesity. It is complimentary with medications and safe to use topically regularly. 


Weight is created by Dr. Judy Griffin as an adjunct or aloe with a weight loss program. It is available for ordering as well as her booklet called the Slice of Life Diet and Nutrition Handbook.

  Obesity CD go to health consultation, including obesity, at 1-800-496-2125. A specialized individual blend is included with the consultation at no additional cost.

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