Obesity and Weightloss

Over 59 million overweight Americans have a greater risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and arthero sclerosis, obese children and adults will have these symptoms by age 30. Excess fat cells produce hormones, lessening insulin sensitivity and increasing inflammation leading to heart disease and lower tryptophan levels. This makes it hard to lose weight and greatly reduces the feeling of fullness.

Petite fleur essences used to reduce weight in hospitals and clinics include:

Weighless—aromablend appetite suppressant.

Weight — therapeutic blend to correct insulin sensitivity.

Cravings — therapeutic blend.

Knotted Marjoram —  to reduce compulsive eating.

Lighten Up —  children’s blend.

Slice of Life Nutrition and diet handbook  


Topical application 2-3 X daily. Results begin within 1 to 3 weeks. Ongoing use enhances weight reduction.


Nutritional Counseling

With over 20 years of clinical and hospital experience, Dr. Griffin designs an individual, comprehensive nutritional program to restore optimal health.

Judy combines scientific data of nutrition and herbs with medical knowledge to develop a health program enhancing immunity, reducing stress, aging, overweight and underlying causes of fatigue and illness. Her vast knowledge and research enables her to reduce the side effects of conventional drug therapy in cancer care and a variety of treatments, she teaches clients the best choices of foods, herbs and nutrition for their condition and constitution.

During the past 20 years, Dr. Griffin has pioneered nutritional research for physicians and hospitals integrating natural and conventional medicine. Her research includes complementary cancer care, cardiovascular and pulmonary health, gynecological and menopausal symptoms, weight, chemical dependence, endocrine imbalance, allergies and environmental sensitivity as well as emotional and mental well-being.

In consultation, Dr. Griffin determines the underlying cause of stress or illness to restore optimal health.

Personal Health Analysis

A personal health analysis may include symptom and client complaints, prior diagnosis by a physician or blood work analysis to balance and determine amounts of the correct foods nutrition and herbs for individual needs and metabolic pathways. Consultation lasts one hour. Dr. Griffin listens to the individual, writes a personal program for the client, answers questions, and gives referrals as necessary to assist each person's needs. Clients are offered one of Dr. Griffin's herbal tonics to increase energy or reduce stress at no extra charge.

A rapport is established with clients to promote a synergistic working relationship between Dr. Griffin and her clients, the consultation is educational. Additional supplements or supplies are available at the discretion of the client, Dr, Griffin works with each client at their level of understanding and ability to complete a program, and No one is expected to sacrifice pleasure to achieve health. A moderate step by step approach assures success. Dr. Griffin's comprehensive knowledge of medical and complementary nutritional methods assists individuals in greater health 

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