Gastrointestinal problems are almost as prevalent as backaches. Digestive complaints, acid reflux, irritable bowel, spasticity and intestinal inflammation adversely affect the majority of the population. There are more over-the-counter remedies for intestinal complaints than any other problem. Subclinical and hypothyroidism reduces gut motility and often are undiagnosed. The causes of digestive complaints are as various as the over-the-counter medications. Food sensitivity can cause multiple symptoms, although food allergy is ruled out. Colors, additives, pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers can also cause digestive reactions.

The intestinal tract is a 30 foot organ, containing large amounts of lymph tissue. At least 70% of immune responses initiate from intestinal health. Fuel for all bodily processes begin in the stomach and intestines.

Intestinal mobility is initiated by the thyroid. Those with subclinical or hypothyroidism may havechronic constipation. Slower metabolism adversely affects digestion and assimilation. Every function of the body cannot reach its potential. Hyperthyroid may result in lower bone density and poor mineralization in every cell. The body slowly starves for energy. A large percentage of women have hypothyroid by age 50. Low thyroid is responsible for heart attacks in men and women.

Essences can catalyze the body to reach its greatest potential as well as reduce symptoms. Diet and lifestyle changes are necessary and sometimes medications. Abate Anger blend reduces inflammation from the esophagus to the colon. This blend helps people who suffer from inflammatory bowel and Crohns. Stomach and abdominal pain of any origin is best soothed with the Abate Anger blend. It can be topically sprayed or applied on the abdomen or the neck, wrist or throat. Reapply every 30 minutes until tension and pain lessen. Otherwise three times daily is recommended. Blends applied daily support the body’s innate healing and produce the best results.

Inner Strength  is a blend that supports inherent immunity. It enhances digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats and supports lymphatic drainage to remove toxins.

Lymph Flow lotion is excellent support for the lymph tissues and organs, such as the appendix. Massage onto the stomach 3 times daily to promote peristalsis (bowel muscle movement) and lymphatic detoxification. Lymph Flow is a stimulating, energizing lotion.

Intestinal tissue can be or become hypersensitive to foods and beverages at anytime.  blend, applied 3 times daily is best suited for this condition. For best results, alternate Abate Anger 3 times daily to reduce histamine and inflammatory reactions.

Thyroid health is also indicated for intestinal motility and constipation. The Toxic Thyroid blend helps normalize the thyroid, the body’s energizer. It is the metabolism of this organ function that supports digestion and assimilation of food and energizes organ function. The thyroid is vulnerable to environmental and chemical toxins, as well as physical stress. Toxic Thyroid supports the proper regeneration and function of the organ and subsequently intestinal functions. It is an important part of weight management and will be described further in the Weight Section.

Scarring in any area of the intestinal tract is best helped with Regenerate and Recovery blends. Each may be applied 3 times daily on site or any clean, unbroken skin.

Hiatel hernia and hernias are helped by the Abate Anger blend. Hernias may require surgery or medical supervision. If surgery is necessary, use the Recovery blend to reduce scarring and encourage healing

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